Prayer by Neelam kiran guptaa

Date & Time:  Aug. 21, 2017 10:31 AM (#936)
Prayer:  By the mighty power of father lord and Violet flame, miraculously and powerfully and positively bless protect heal neelam kiran guptaa and smithaa sonam guptaa and our house and pets and all dimensions of our life, youth beauty, finance,protection permanently.dearest violet flame, make neelam kiran guptaa physically filled with vitality, youth, beauty,sensuality,power, stamina and fill her face with youth angel like attractive spotless skin and make her complexion white supple creamy like milk. Fill her with positive attitude and good attitude cheerfulness laughters happiness permanently. Fill her mind with clarity, sharpness, wisdom, sharp mental clarification.make her speech so sweet like honey, mesmering,warmth and love and remove her stammering problem and may she speak english so fluently with diction. Fill neelam kiran guptaa with abundance of money, luxury, ever lasting everyincreasing money power. Dearest violet flame destroy the power of her jealous workplace colleagues over her. Dearest violet flame, destroy the power and effect of any blackmagic jinx curse hex spiritual wickedness, sorcery, evil intention, jealous eyes or any negativity permanently. Heal her life with loads of true genuine helpful friends that she doesnt hve to spend a single penny and she goes to the best of the places and is always safe and enjoys in life. Amen

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