Prayer by Thelma

Date & Time:  Sep. 10, 2017 02:43 PM (#959)
Prayer:  Let me start by introducing my self, My names are Thelma olsen, Originally from Denmark
I have been married for abour 37 years , I have three kids, Two are grown up and lives on
their own, My husband used to be a very humble, respectful and understanding man,Not until he
lost his job, He came home that very day depressed and tired, I managed to cheer him up,
Telling that that wasn't the end of the world,Few days later, He began to visit bars
and hotels around with the little saving he had, everyday he comes home drunk and stinking
of cigeratte all over him, I became so worried and worried why he would put himself into such condition,
I tried everything a partner could do, But all my efforts where useless, Until i came across a testimony
of woman from china whom got help from a herbal spell caster and doctor, according to her, she said
he helped her husband win a lottery amd also a contract worth a lot of money, So i decided to contact the
man mention above to see if he could be of help to my husband, I copied his email from the website,
Then i emailed him , telling him who i am and what my problems where and he could he of help, He asked
for his pictures and names of my husband , The herbal spell caster told me that he would caster a spell
and my husband will no longer be depressed and he would get a good and better job, intialy i though it
was a joke, But didn't have any other else to do, To my greatest suprise, Few weeks later, My husband changed
Doesn't drink nor smoke, He begano behave normal and romantic as he used to be,again, And i believe he would get a better job soon,
Today we are living happy . And the spell caster also told me that if i had anymore problems, That he could lso helo
I am so happy , Can't stop telling all you out there about this great man, His man is DOCTOR ZUMGBA.HIS EMAIL IS
ZUMGBA147@YAHOO.COM/ WHATSAPP:+2349093869683.

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