Prayer by Smithaasonam guptaa

Date & Time:  Nov. 05, 2017 08:59 AM (#995)
Prayer:  Father lord,miraculously get miracles money to smithaa sonam Guptaa and let it multiply million times and by the miracles of father lord,my house renovation work is getting completed without any interruption from rajni makhija and other members of the society and the work is done by skilled workers doing best of the job in the timely mannered at dirt cheap kanpur prices with the best of the material....remove all curse items from my house effortlessly.destroy the power and effect of all blackmagic jinx curse hex evil eyes negativity and political pressure done by rajni makhija upon smithaa sonam Guptaa and all family's members permanently.destroy the power and effect of blackmagic done by alpa gala and chimpu gala and his evil life and sonam and daughters and servants and relatives upon smithaa sonam Guptaa and family's and let all their negativity and spiritual wicked ness backfire upon them permanently and there should be so much fight hatred unhappiness in their lives permanently.lord i want justice,no matter wat

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