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# Date & Time Name Prayer
#289 shobiraj I came to know through serach engine, please solve all my burning and life threatening problems

1.please pray for myself T.Shobiraj and for my mother T.vimala to win the Appeal filed in district court, Calicut
2.Please pray for myself T.shobiraj for appeal filed in high court case in ernakulam
3.Myself T.Shobiraj present job is not a permanent ,i am looking for a better job, help me to get a better job
4.My parents Father- T.Balakrishnan & Mother- T.Vimala health problem please cure all disease
5.My company secretary exam results for executive module –I are on 25th August 2013, heIp me to pass the exam with good marks
My Company secretary executive module –II exam are scheduled during the month of December 2013, help to spend more time on studies and give the power to concentrate on my studies since due to lot of personal problems are not allowing me to concentrate on my studies , kindly bless me to study well and pass the up comming exam

6.please solve all my problems and kindly pray to almighty god which would enable me to relieve the tension and fear and also win the court case etc, i am very much in a dipulated stage, please pray for me and for my parents
#288 Emem Sunday Edoho I want the Lord Jesus Christ through Arch-angel Rapheal to heal me of infirmities of a protracted sickness. I have been suffering from hyper-thyroidism, through what i suspect to be negative energies for 7 years now. I want your Ministry to pray for me for complete deliverance and healing.Also, i want the Lord Jesus to give me a good life partner. I declare this in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
#287 Rajat Bhattacharjee i want a government job and heal from brain and stomach diseases
#286 Della Prieto My 15yr. old son LaMarquise has ADD and he has a IEP learning disability I been trying to get him in to Fitch School but they won't accept him because of his IEP. I pray they give him a chance and that he is healed from ADD and his learning disability and tests out of IEP.I pray that the gets in he really wants he plays football for their school. Another reason he doesn’t pass out is because he is shy and doesn’t speak up. I want my son to have the same opportunity as others. They want him to go to his computer class but I know from going to college online its harder than being in a classroom. Plus he doesn’t get to interact with other students and that’s something he needs because of his shyness. It makes him feel different than other kids.
#285 Mrs. Radhika Mohan I and my husband Mohan got married on 10th june 2011, however due to misunderstandings created by some of his family friends we are living apart for last 11 months. I have my own share of mistakes which contributed in its own manner, but I have been apologising and trying to set right in the best manner I can think of. He responds sometimes and sometimes doesnt. I want to save this relationship.Another 20 days of seperation will give him a legal option which I want to avoid and want us to be back together before that, which my heart says he will not exercise.My heart says he is also willing to come back but some negativity is still holding him back, please pray for the healing of all the negativities that we may be holding for each other knowingly and unknowingly which are stoppers for our reunion. Please pray for us for blessings of marital bliss and reunion to live up to the marriage which was solemnised with approval and presence of GOD and elders of our family
#284 Jordan Vira Please pray for me and my family for a financial breakthrough, which will enable us to meet and satisfy our pressing obligations, especially our OVERDUE RENT. I urgently ask these blessings and consider it done in the name of Yeshua Christ. Amen
#283 KIMY Father grace upon our son for doors to open. he is trying to change job title or change career all together. he is very stressed and have much anxiety do to not wanting to go back to the same place with the same person +same office he worked with. he need to be shift his career elsewhere. Please pray that my LORD may move him where he most needed. May this fear and stress leave his body and mine.right now give him breakthrough,. God Bless you all for your prayers. glory be to father god
#282 Monica That the relationship between Frank n i gets bback to normal n we get married
#281 Meenashree Maitra Heavenly Father,God For All Creation Of The Universe,I ask you now to send-forth your divine miracle-working power to heal the distressed and sick male spitz dog "BHOLU".He has been suffering from skin disease and sores and very weak without adequate food.I ask you to send forth your healing power into his body and give him to fight his illness,I ask this through my L;ord,Jesus Christ,Your son,who lives and reigns with youand the Holy spirit,one God,for ever & ever.Amen
#280 kathy healing for physical illnesses - joint pain in thumbs, right knee, low back and feet. allergies, breathing and skin - home repairs are getting harder to come by, roof leaking and workers dragging feet to finish ... I am getting fearful. I want to have faith and strength again

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