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# Date & Time Name Prayer
#887 Jul. 13, 2017 01:00 AM Neelam Kiran guptaa Dearest loving Violet flame and Loving Angels and Loving Father Lord,miraculously powerfully positively permanently bless protect heal neelam Kiran guptaa in mind body spirit soul blood Viens muscles bones tissues and mental powers and every dimensions of her life.Destroy the power and effect of any blackmagic curse jinx hex evil eyes spiritual wickedness sorcery witchcraft or any negativity done to hurt harm harress her in her job ,in her health,in wisdom,in her love relationships or any dimension of her life.father Lord and Violet flame permanently destroy the power and effect of any psychic attack,witchcraft done by her evil colleagues at work permanently.destroy the power if her evil colleague to hurt insult humiliate her.destroy the power of her evil bosses and colleagues who are taxing her with unnecessary work.By the power of Violet Flame,heal the beauty youth glamour physical fitness,finance,wisdom,relationships,laughter,cheerfulness of neelam Kiran guptaa.Dearest Violet flame,destroy the power of any mind body sickness in her.Heal her in every ways.Dearest Violet flame ,by ur mighty miracle make neelam Kiran Gupta's white skin more fairer clear supple smooth charming wrinkle free ,youthful,clear of dark spots permanently that she looks and feels charismatic.Heal her listening power,heal her eyesight that she can see without her spectacles,heal her speech power with sweetness in her voice which melts everyone and with clear diction,powerfull vocabulary and right voice modulation with clear fluency in English language.Violet flame groom this girl into super hot classy trendy beautiful articulate young girl.Dearest Violet flame fill neelam kiran guptaa with mental sharpness,wisdom,clarity,diplomacy,photographic memory and ability to learn understand remember and apply knowledge for her own benefit and that of family.Heal her and permanently upskill her and positive growth in career and finance.By the power of Violet flame,increase her power to earn continuous ever growing money and take care of wants needs desires and yet be able to save money and multiply money permanently.Heal the life of neelam Kiran guptaa with abundant luxury,finance and every growing materialistic assests permanently.Heal her life with powerful knowledge,true genuine helpful friends.Father Lord permanently make neelam kiran guptaa do power dressing which helps her to get what she the power of Violet flame,permanently make neelamkiran kiranuptaa guptaa's physically for,very thin curvatous body oozing with beauty youthful power and very attractive body.Heal her life with rich powerful protective caring well educated true genuine helpful friends who help her at all times without asking.Dearest Violet flame send that perfect life partner now in her life who is single well educated well mannered ,sharp ,understanding,loving caring,honest with her,fun loving,financially powerfully growing sound stable and treats her like his queen and may they both be madly in love and enjoy luxury riches love together and permanently.permanently destroy the power of all those jealous evil eyes political troublecausing spying colleagues.dearest Violet flame powerfully protect her at all times,May this be true now and forever and until eternity.Amen.Thank you.
#886 Jul. 12, 2017 06:48 PM Smithaa sonam guptaa Dearest Violet flame,permanently remove sickness from the body blood bones bones,mind and spirit of smithaa sonam guptaa's.May your healing power heal all situation in the life of smithaa guptaa's.May ur mighty presence heal the physically body of smithaa sonam guptaa's and make her very thin physically curvatous oozing with youthful beautiful sexuality magnetic personality with angels youthful sexuality face like a diva permanently.heal all the skin problems ,making it clean and clear and milky white skin complexion without any scars or marks.heal the speech power of smithaa that they is sweetness melody sparkling voice which has super quality permanently.give smithaa the power to mesmerize with that beautiful perfect voice.heal the finance of smithaa guptaa's that there is loads of miracle money coming in without any interruption to take care of wants needs desires of me and my Family.heal the mental power of smithaa sonam guptaa's..turn her into this smart brainy sharp clever understanding and fill of wisdom,practical knowledge,upskilled and fast learner and meeting exceeding targets at work permanently.send loads of true genuine helpful friends who without asking help and make smithaa laugh enjoy life.take away sadness loneliness from her life.send her raise clever well educated,well cultured,financially super rich and stable and loving caring honest genuine adventurous and always supportive life partner and fill her life with love luxury happiness permanently.May this be true now and forever and for eternity.Amen.
#885 Jul. 12, 2017 05:37 PM Smithaa sonam guptaa Father lord and Violet Flame,we love you and respect you and request your intervention now and permanently,please permanently stop the harassment of verbal written physical and sexual harassment from the housing society that we live in and the neighbourhood.destroy the power and effect of any blackmagic witchcraft sorcery,curse,evil eyes,spiritual wickedness,demonic attacks,evil spirits, and social politics that these evil housing society and neighbourhood are doing against me and my family and may this be permanent and powerfully taken care by you.May with your power,destroy the efforts of these other housing society members and neighbourhood are doing to rob away our peace prosperity happiness good health and good relationships.Destroy every political power,conspiracy that these housing society members and neighbourhood against me and my family and may this be permanent.permanently renew the energy of my house and remove all clutter,uncleanliness,untidyness and unhappy energies from my house.Violet flame renovate my house into rich luxurious haven and transform it into this miraculous healed placed and may it have the best of the technology,furniture,accessories,clothes,good food,finance,liquid cash and assests permanently.May all the legal issues that have be created against me and my family by the members of the housing society permanently stop and put these members into their own hell that they cannot focus in me and my family or interfere with me and my family.Heal my living space with continuous flow of positive vibrations that no one can steal or harm or take away from us.May this house be blessed for prosperity to me and my family permanently.remove sadness fear melancholy damages disturbance from my house in India.May this be true now and forever and until eternity.Those who have been devising evil plans against me and my family and our finance,good health,happiness and good relationships be permanently be destroyed.Amen.
#884 Jul. 12, 2017 09:13 AM Jijo Bhaskar Please pray for my father and my father is suffering from Tumor in the abdomen.he can't eat or drink because of the tumor please pray for my father and my family..
#883 Jul. 12, 2017 09:10 AM Jijo Bhaskar Please pray for my father and my father is suffering from Tumor in the abdomen please pray for my father.he can't eat or drink because of the tumor please pray for my father and my family...
#882 Jul. 12, 2017 12:30 AM Cheryl Wilson For Tiffany Casillas to be healed of all cancer (brain)and all disease FOREVER and that it will NEVER return
#881 Jul. 12, 2017 12:28 AM Cheryl Wilson My prayer is that Ernie Little will be approved for the 20,000 loan he is applying for.
#880 Jul. 11, 2017 05:44 PM yanrenthung jungio I am a hyperthyroid patient with constant symptoms of fast heart rate ,anxiety ,weakness and weight loss I cannot concentrate on my work which effects my personesll and family life I am a father of two wonderful GOD given kids I want to be healthy and strong so that I can provide them their needs and blessings .I would kindly request you to pray for me in the name our heavenly Father for my healing so that I can become whole again in his Holy name.
#879 Jul. 11, 2017 04:12 AM Smithaa sonam guptaa Father lord and Violet flame,please powerfully and miraculously and permanently destroy the power and effect of any blackmagic,jinx,curse,hex,spiritual wickedness,cursed items,sorcery,witchcraft,evileyes,satanical influence,vodoo,hoodo,cursed food and drinks and cursed places over any dimension of smithaa sonam guptaa life,health,wealth,prosperity,finance,relationship,growth,youth and beauty,wisdom and powers.Heal the mind body spirit soul blood bones Viens,tissues of smithaa sonam guptaa.Heal and powerfully protect all virtues and talents and blessings of smithaa sonam guptaa.Heal all relationship of smithaa sonam guptaa with herself,everyone and the universe and the god and the angels and the Violet flames permanently.Destroy permanently the power of lonliness unhappiness melancholy poverty distress sickness mental madness .Heal the wisdom,clarity of mind,accurate judgement,mental sharpness,photographic memory,focus,attention,understanding,work power,ability to study learn and apply knowledge of smithaa sonam guptaa permanently.destroy the power of jealous colleagues and bosses who are blocking career growth and salary increment and causing reputational harm permanently.Heal smithaa guptaa life with a dream job and every increasing salary and saving to meet the goals,needs and desires of life permanently.Heal the skin of smithaa sonam guptaa with youth beauty charm charisma and remove skin black spots and better complexion.Heal the time of smithaa guptaa with cheerfulness positivity productivity usefulness learning growth and development permanently.please find favours for her in everyone's eyes.Father lord and Violet flame remove demonic attacks from the relationship of smithaa sonam guptaa and heal her life with this perfect life partner who is well educated and well mannered,financiallybsupersound,stable and ever growing,uppercrest,socially powerful and respectful and caring loving,honest,understandung,fun and may we both be madly in love with each other and a lasting marriage.May the father Lord and Violet flame powerfully protect and shield smithaa sonam guptaa and her house permanently,let no demonic attack touch her.Father lord,heal the speech power of smithaa sonam guptaa with clarity diction fluency,right vocabulary and speak English fluently and at right time,right place and with right people to get maximum profits from them permanently.permanently heal the dressing sense of smithaa sonam guptaa with elegance,beauty,trendy,classy and rich in every way permanently.Heal her relationship with father Lord and Violet flame permanently.violet flame destroy the power of all those souls who are playing politics and not letting any good to come to her.Father Lord,heal the power of smithaa sonam guptaa to learn and grow with each day and permanently increase the world abilities of diplomacy and tactfulness,smartness,sharpness.Permanently enhance the spiritual powers and ability to know secret knowledge that works.Bless smithaa sonam guptaa house with cleanliness,clean pure vibrant energy,free from demonic attacks,filled with luxury beautiful things,up to date,aesthetically beautiful and with right furniture and glowingvwith abundance and prosperity and productivity permanently.May this be true now and forever and until eternity.Amen.
#878 Jul. 11, 2017 03:27 AM Neelam Kiran guptaa Dear father Lord and Violet flame,miraculously and powerfully and permanently destroy the power and effect of any blackmagic,jinx,curse,hex,sorcery,witchcraft,satanical attack,any cursed items,evil eye,spiritual wickedness,sickness,any paranormal attack over any dimension of her life,finance,youth and beauty,success,happiness,pprosperity and relationships.Heal every moment of her time with joy,happiness,positivity,prosperity,youth,power,growth and development and every growing finance permanently.heal all her relationships with everyone and the universe and her guarding angels.May she continuously receive love and respect,genuine care and affection from everyone.Destroy the power of her jealous colleagues over her life,her job,promotion and any attacks by her jealous colleagues on relationship and her money power and good health.Father Lord and Violet flame,heal neelam Kiran guptaa mind peer with clarity,mental sharpness,power learning and fast learning and photographic memory,power to understand and apply knowledge at right time and right place and in right way to get maximum benefits.Heal her job that she doesn't have to work hard but instead keeps getting promotion in designation and salary,by your grace and will.Father Lord and Violet flame permanently heal her skin problem and make it super beautiful,heal her eyesight that she can see clearly without her spectacles and heal her hearing power that she can even hear soft whispers,heal her bones,viens,blood,kidney,liver,digestive system,her uterus so that she gets her menstrual cycle without any delay and regularly and may all this be permanent,by your grace and will.May neelam Kiran guptaa get an amazing life partner who deeply loves and expresses his love for her,is well mannered and well educated,financially sound,stable and every growing,fun,happy,positive,honest with her,caring and understanding and they both should be understanding and happy with each other.father Lord and Violet flame destroy the demonic attack over her love life permanently and heal her love life to the core.Remove unhappiness,melancholy,deep routed sadness ,resentment from her life.May the father Lord and Violet permanently cover this girl under their protection that she is protected and blessed at all times.may father Lord,heal her dimension of thoughts,words and action and heal her speech power with clarity and fluent grammatical English,conversation skills,without stammering and fear.heal her to talk with right people at the right time,right place,right words,bless her with diplomacy and tact and art of keeping things from people who shouldn't know what they shouldn't know permanently.Heal this girl with great love for family.Heal this girls mind body spirit soul blood Viens bones tissues liver and kidney.may this be true now and forever and until eternity.Amen.

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