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# Date & Time Name Prayer
#550 Jordan Vira Please aggressively pray for me and my family for a financial breakthrough, which will enable us to meet and satisfy our pressing obligations(rent, food & utilities). Amein

-Jordan Vira
-Eleanor Vira
-Kyle Jones
-Kylen Vira
-Kayden Vira
#549 Susan Please God, I pray in the name of the Lord.
Bills are piling up, salary is not enough to sustain the needs of my household, since my daughter's illness due to rare cancer disease.
We need the extra help, in Jesus' name, please send us a much needed financial blessing.

Even when I have just cents in my wallet, I give to the ones who have less than us. I do my best to always be there for others, even in despair.

#548 KIO Dear Father, Grace upon A for his paper works&relocation .remove hurdles,add smoother&quicker way to settle down with harmonious environment. Father ,Anoint your Miracle power upon Ra job process,it needs your intervene to the hiring team for turbo energy on finishing the process quick,smooth&successful.Please hear my prayer continue to watch over ra Give him the strength, guidance, direction, support and protection that he needs. Let him achieve his goals and targets. Look after him and take care of him. Help him in his new job and visa. Let him settle in quickly and get all the help and support he needs. .Let him be confident and strong. Help him be good at his job and make some friends. Let him get all the help, support,Thanks&God bless.Amen
#547 Carla Please, Dear Violet Flame, I am in great need of your assistance today. I need a financial miracle for my family to get out of debt and fix the mess I made while trying to keep us above water. I have run out of options, I have no money, I desperately need a financial windfall miracle today, April 29th, 2015. I don't ask to be rich in the millions if that is not what God has planned for us. I just ask to be released from the financial burdens and strains that I am feeling and trying to resolve. Please help me. I have a couple of lottery tickets for tonight, two Roadrunner Cash, one Hot Lotto, and one Powerball. Please, find it in your heart to bring us a financial windfall from one of these tickets. I want to get out of debt and function like a normal human being again instead of constantly worrying about money. Please help me. I will be eternally grateful. I love my family, Eddie, Pia, and Riley, with ALL my heart and soul and only want the best for them. Please surround us with your love and healing power and assist us. Thank you so much. Amen.
#545 nidhi dear violet flame pl ensure my name in the duty chart and shortlisting and pl give me the job that i desire as DG
#544 gary Please support my pray that God, Christ Jesus & Archangel Raphael restoring,fixing up all my (gary) money, financial more successful very smooth & easy .Gbu all, thank you
#543 Melissa Rodriguez a good friendship is breaking up due to another person.
Melissa Rodriguez
#540 mrs.martha financial breakthrough in my businesses for myself and my husband plus protection of the lord for my family
#535 Rita Healing in all aspects of my life. Thank you.
#534 gary Please support & agree with my pray that God restoring my (gary) money/financial freedom, more wealthy, more success business. Amen.Gbu all, thank you

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