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# Date & Time Name Prayer
#1113 Lisa Please pray for my marriage to an understanding partner. Our family property to get which our relatives are not giving. My work to be perfect and without errors. My boss and colleagues to respect me. My harassment at work to be stopped. My career to grow. My parents health and sister's life to be good. My health to be good. To make me strong and confident and remove all my fears. At my home and work all problem to go. Make us a happy home. Really praying for a miracle. Please accept my prayer. Please pray for my carrear to grow to a higher place. My travelling to be easy and trains to be on time. My problems at home to go. My colleagues and friends who demoralize me make me strong at that time. You take charge of the whole situation in life.
#1112 Smithaa sonam guptaa Dearest Violet flame, heal and bless and powerfully protect Smithaa sonam guptaa and neelam kiran guptaa. Burn every curse and jinx and evil eyes,jealous intention over us.permanently destroy the curse of poverty, ill health done by the employer of smithaa sonam guptaa. Destroy the evil eyes of smithaa's employer over smithaa future education plan and stop the employer from acting oversmart and let employers jealous intention over smithaa's education have no power over smithaa and family. Destroy every ill will of smithaa'employer and jealous colleagues.violet flame permanently shield the talent youth beauty positive powers of smithaa sonam guptaa that smithaa's jealous employer and evil colleagues have no power over smithaa in any ways.Destroy every evil plot of smithaa jealous colleague and transfer all the stress unhappiness into that jealous colleague so that she leaves this job as she is a trouble maker for everyone. Amen
#1111 debbie please grow back my missing teeth. heal my broken infected teeth and gums.
#1110 Crystal I am praying for healing for my son who is autistic and has seizures to be free from these issues. Thank you
#1109 Smithaa sonam guptaa Dearest violet flame, miraculously get me saturday sunday fixed off from the job i have been offered without salary deduction. Violet flame let ur blessings flow through me that i get all the big clients fr business sales so that i can get better salary without asking. Violet flame,please fill my employer with great respect for me, stop all the evil that my jealous colleague is doing to stop me from prospering. Violet flame, fill me with your beauty and youth and positivity and without asking, let finance flow from my employer without asking. Amen
#1108 Neelam kiran guptaa Dearest Violet flame, permanently heal the mind body spirit soul of neelam kiran guptaa. Permanently destroy the power and effect of any demonic attacks, blackmagic, jinx, curse, hex, spiritual wickedness, sorcery done to hurt harm harress her health, finance goodluck, positivity, good life. Destroy the power of all those evil colleagues at work who are throwing false allegation upon her and get her the deserved promotion in designation and salary. Violet flame heal all the 7chakras in the body of neelam kiran guptaa and flush every negativity from her life.Violet flame heal her throat and stop her stammering and may she speak English fluently and grammatically correct permanently. Permanently protect her like your baby violet flame. Amen
#1107 Kristi Fthr, BBB Bless him, prosperity love peace forgiveness understanding wisdom healing. Pls heal & save me from suicide. I will ALWAYS. You gave him to me broken I couldn't love me enough to love him and he wouldn't let me
#1106 Kristi Fthr, BBB Bless him, prosperity love peace forgiveness understanding wisdom healing. Pls heal & save me from suicide. I will ALWAYS. You gave him to me broken I couldn't love me enough to love him and he wouldn't let me
#1105 Christopher Andre' Horton I would love to live a more unlimited, prosperous, healthy, wealthy, happy, joyful, luxurious, affluent, active, flourishing, productive, enriching, purposeful, meaningful, spiritual enlightenment, faithful, profitable, wisdom and knowledgeable, fulfilling life for the rest of my days right now.
#1104 Verna lewin Prayer for healing in my body

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