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# Date & Time Name Prayer
#1073 Neelam kiran guptaa Dearest violet flame,destroy the powers and effects of any evil mind control,blackmagic,curse,hex,evil eyes ,jealous intentions of her enemies.miraculously,safeguard her finances and kept it grow and stop her enemies from stealing it.Violet flame,i trust you to help neelam kiran guptaa to loss 15kg physical weight supernaturally and effortlessly and positively.Violet Flame supernaturally increase her mentally abilities and positive attitude and make her focused and positive and sharp permanently please.amen
#1072 Anuj gupta Violet flame permanently remove all resentment anger failures from the life of anuj gupta and miraculously get him well paying bussiness offers continuously with right people only so that his financial status is improving.please open his mind to see the deeper positive aspect of life and stop all his alcohol and tobacco addiction supernaturally and bring him to good health permanently.
#1071 Smithaa sonam guptaa' Dearest Violet flame,please remove the jinx curse hex spiritual wickedness sorcery witchcraft and evil powers done to ruin my physical &mental health and finances.please help me to lose 15kg physical weight in a healthy way effortlessly and soon please that I gained due to medication.please I want a well paying good job with good organization near to my house.i trust u Violet flame that u will get me to crack interviews with best organisation and negotiate for best salary package and yet study further please.i need u Violet flame to do these miracles for me and I trust you with my whole heartedness
#1070 Craig W Tiske Please pray for me for release from all hindering forces on my life for the rest of my life in the name of Jesus
#1069 DV For the remission of my Mothers cancer
For the safety of my friend Tiffany
For a successful dropship business
To win the heart Katelyn Vo
#1068 josh watson josh just had a tumor removed from his brain. He is now facing an aggressive brain cancer. He is a husband and has four young children. please have continual prayers for healing
#1067 Jordan Vira My name is Jordan Vira. Please bless me and pray for me for Emotional and Spiritual healing especially for depression. Please also pray for me to overcome my anger issues because of marriage and financial problems. Thank you

#1066 Smithaa sonam guptaa Dearest violet flame, cover smithaa sonam guptaa permanently powerfully under your protection..someone is continuosly doing blackmagic, evil eyes due to which i m going through prolong sickness. Permanently destroy the power and effect of blackmagic, jinx, curse, hex, spiritual wickedness,spiritually wicked people,witchcraft, sorcery done to hurt harm harress smithaa sonam guptaa.destroy the power and effect of some evil groups who have been forcing me to join them and i dnt want to join them. Stop all the financial losses that i hve incurred just because i refused to join these blackmagic groups. I even lost my job, broke my leg and spine and home since 8 months... I m so much in despair. Permanently release all negativity done to make smithaa sonam guptaa ugly physically, remove all evil curses placed on the physical beauty and money power and energy vigour power permanently.
#1065 ray smith i pray to get my teeth fixed and car fixed also to eliminate negative ets.also to get money and to get a better job to graduate school. to get money for my car payment. to get my twin flame.
#1064 ray smith i ask st for help with my identity theft also to help with car and food also finish school.i ask that st expedite help me.also to heal my body and teeth also to move.

If you want any of your prayers to be removed, please send an email to [email protected].  Please include the prayer number (which is next to the prayer's date and time) for each prayer you want removed.