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# Date & Time Name Prayer
#771 Raymond Phillips PLEASE!! I need you to help me, save me, heal me from the mental torture and suffering that I am going through! I am a 40 year old male and been struck down with depression and anxiety which is tearing my life away!!! I have a beautiful partner and 4 beautiful children who are all watching the man I used to be deteriorating, I have a good job and the main earner for my family which is also in jeopardy right now. Lord I need your help so, so much right now and begging for your mercy and to heal me from this awful illness so I can support and protect my family as before. I have considered ending this all which my be my only relief from this evil illness! I have asked before and you have helped me, PLEASE save my family and I from this downward spiral!!
#770 Robert Tucker Open heart surgery two years ago. Now having irregular heartbeat and doctor wants to do more surgery. Please pray to help heal my heart so I don't need surgery or more pills! Please help!
#769 Wes We are in a very sincere financial need
Please pray for us for a miracle from God
Thank you
#768 Verna L please pray for me for healing and restoration in my body
#767 Robert G. Please pray for healing in my right foot. Also, there is much dental work
needed and I don't have the finances
to get it done properly. I ask this in Jesus' name...Amen
#766 Anita This year in May and June I will graduate. I'd like to be successful about this. I'd like do this easy for me. Thank you!
#765 Dante P.S. Look in the direction of the Federal Government for many of these "Spiritual" attacks, i.e., the military, area 51, CERN, HAARP, Dulce Base, etc. Many of the "fallen" angels are merely ET's that with control agendas that are in cahootz with governments around the world, particularly here in the U.S. Angels don't fly over your home and follow you in helicopters, but "transhuman" agents of the hidden government does. This is why they don't come out with disclosure. They don't want us to know these things. Please do your own research. Google and YouTube is full of this information. It's time to WAKE UP and spread the word before it is too late and we are all doomed by rough governments.
#764 Devadas My name is Devadas and my girlfriend name is Velaseeni. We loved each other very deeply about one year back. All of sudden a guy intervened and put a spell on her drinks and food . My girl friend Velaseeni heart can't recover and i can't receive her heartly love from her till now.Pls pray me..We are from Malaysia
#763 George Polk I release my miracle money now and declare I will possess it in Jesus name. All my needs will be taken care of by God and my prayers will be favored by the lord. I declare, people will seek me out to bless me from the north, south, east, and west. The wealth of the wicked is laid up for the righteous. I receive my wealth now! Instant and unexpected miracles show up in major wealth transfer, real estate, debt free property, spiritual growth, and major career opportunities with great and stable in income. I receive it and declare I will possess it now in Jesus name. Prosperity in the spirit as well as in the natural, in Jesus name.
#762 Vivienne Miraculous healing from our Lord from myeloma

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