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# Date & Time Name Prayer
#1131 Jul. 02, 2018 01:16 AM Solange Esperance Eyinga with the power of violet flame heal my sibling Assako JC, Bidima MHF,my nephew Oye'e PY, Ngbwe Ngbwe TR who victim of mystic evil, please any power of demonic who try to disturb the life ,may the power of prayer break all the negativity their victim include my brother Boula JMG victim of drug and alcohol abuse without control.myself Solange Esperance Eyinga ,victim of demonic abuse, cannot find a job, cannot have steady life always crying ,cannot find a husband. please come to our rescue and break all negativity who block our lives to succeed . this is an emergency request please and put ashamed the devil.
#1130 Jul. 01, 2018 08:41 PM Leslie anders hamm Please pray for hyvee.our manager tad to help me with my rent.321.97.and get loan from 401k.and my sister her food stamps.and rain thunderstorms lightning less humidty,cooler in quincy,ill and Greenville, ky.where my cat is act and me more food and bus pass.18.00
#1129 Jun. 28, 2018 06:07 PM Smithaa Guptaa Dearest Violet flame heal my career and money power. Get my boss to come back for the job as he forcefully made me quit my job because his keep is jealous of me. Violet flame, destroy all blackmagic spiritual wickedness done to hurt harm harress my job prospects. Heal my life permanently .
#1128 Jun. 27, 2018 06:38 PM Cheryl Williams Please prayer that I will get my energy back like it use to be and I got a virus in my body pray for it too go away thanks
#1127 Jun. 26, 2018 01:37 PM Cheryl Williams Please prayer that I will get My energy back like it use to be and I got a virus in my body pray for it too go away thanks
#1126 Jun. 25, 2018 03:10 PM Lindan Going through a difficult moment in my life. Got suspended from my teaching job. Devil is attacking my job, my freedom, my finance and trying to take everything I've worked for. Going through a court case that drains me financially, emotionally. The devil is trying to rob me of my pension and gratuity I have worked for 30 years. Trying to put me on the streets. Right now it feels like I am losing everything. I've prayed so much, feels my prayers are not being answered. I need prayers desperately. I need a miracle from God to clear me of all these charges and that I DO NOT lose my job, my home nor my pension or gratuity and that I get my full salary. That God restore me double and He uses my story for His glory. I cannot lose my job, pension or gratuity. I've worked too hard for it.
#1125 Jun. 20, 2018 06:18 PM Smithaa Guptaa By the power of violet flame, destroy every power of my employer to hurt harm, harress me sexually, emotionally or threaten me to kick me out of my job. Father lord, destroy the power of my employer and his illicit girlfriend who also works in the same office to cause any harm. Violet flame cause destruction to my employer immediately so that all his evil planing against me fails and backfires on him and ruins his finances.violet flame permanently destroy the illicit girlfriend of my employer because i know fr all these months she has been doing vodoo magic to make me sick. I hve been pale skin, my milk white skin has turned pale, i want her witchcraft powers to fail permanently. Violet flame, destroy every evil power attacking my talent , youth , beauty to go back to the sender now and permanently.
#1124 Jun. 20, 2018 06:04 PM Neelam kiran guptaa By the power of violet flame, heal all 7chakras of neelam kiran's body and heal her health from head to toe,her eyes,her mind, her spirit, her soul . Heal her life,bring loads of true genuine friends into her life and let abundant of finance flow into her life.let there be super natural strengths in her life. Destroy any blackmagic , jinx, hex, curse , satanicalsinfluence doneto hurt her life. Remove all negativity and cover her all at once with power of violet flame now and forever. Amen .
#1123 Jun. 19, 2018 11:08 PM Jordan Vira Please pray for me for emotional and spiritual healing especially for my anger and depression. Thank you
#1122 Jun. 19, 2018 02:44 AM LINDA I love GOD and I'm thankful for his blessings. My children and I are in a time of need financially and I would like you all to pray for us. We have Bill's that are coming due and having a hard time to making ends meet.

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