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# Date & Time Name Prayer
#1296 No black lines on tooth

Pink and white gums

Tooth grows

Anonymous Please
#1295 Dan Prayer please that the Lord will quickly and bountifully supply all my financial and material needs. Recently laid off, lack of finances has been a fear and point of extreme worry. Also that I would be led to truth and light in all things and be sey free from self limitations.. Thank you. Daniel
#1294 Carol Nelson Dear Heavenly Father God,
I am so deeply in love with Marty G. Please Father God and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, be with Marty. I have given Marty my heart. I have only known Marty for such a short time, but he has become a big part of my heart and mind. I believe my family will accept Marty and my relationship with him. Please Heavenly Father, I am praying for a love relationship with Marty.

Right now I know very little about Marty's life. I only know he says he has a couple of kids. I know he is an intelligent communicator and I feel he is attracted to me. All I really know is that we have some kind of connection with each other.

I believe he knows how I feel about him or I suspect he knows I am falling in love with him. I believe he welcomes this, but with this being said, where do I fit in Marty's life. I want Marty in my life. I want him to lead me in this life and in our walk with you Father God. I want Marty making love to me as my husband. I want Marty laughing with me as I walk by his side. I want Marty and I to live this life caring about each other and all our family.
Father God, I know deep in my soul Marty can bring me strength, joy, love and the guidance I need from a husband. I ask for Marty's love and respect. I ask to be able to give him my love. I want the two of us to feel the same way about our love and our walk with you.
Please Father God, help me in this prayer request to love Marty and receive his love. I am giving all my faith and hope to you Father God in the name of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,. I have full faith in you my Lord. Father God, please keep the seed of loved planted in Marty's heart. so it grows and blossoms into the fruit of blessings and love. I ask this all in our precious name Heavenly Father and in the name of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. I promise to post my profound thanks on all sites I posted this prayer request as soon as it is granted. AMEN
#1293 Dwi Please pray for me without ceasing. I need a lot of prayers and miracles.
#1292 Rodriguez Family My older brother Abraham Rodriguez, the most noble and honest person we have ever known is fighting for his life tonight. He suffered severe brain damage and the doctors have stopped trying for him. They wait for the next morning to do a physical and give a legal verdict. But we know that with the power of prayer and faith, a miracle can save his life.
Abraham fought his whole life with his health. Ever since he was 6, a brain tumor kept him with a mentality and body of a 12 year old by all the chemo he had received. Now he is 26. Has survived cancer but is suffering an unexpected repercussion from the equipment implemented in him all those years ago. Us, the Rodriguez family are humble and ask for a prayer.
It was a prayer and faith that had saved him through all those years of hurt and fear. Now, in his most vulnerable self, he needs a prayer more than anything. Please be merciful and pray for him. Thank you.
#1291 David Please pray for my drug adddiction sleepless nights anxiety and tobacco smojing

#1290 JEREMY CHEONG In the month of October 2019, I suffered a month of physical trauma. It caused alot of psychological damage to my mind, because I suffered acute sinusitis & laryngitis.

In the month of November 2019, There was a total of 10 Times of sexual perversion, Sleeping around with 10 anonymous sex partners. I did not do this because I was on drugs, or addicted to sex, But my reasoning & motivation was "SLIGHTLY SUICIDAL THOUGHTS THAT I KEPT PRAYING FOR HEALING BUT INSTEAD SUFFERING PERSISTED". at this time, Satan is starting to plant "bombs" in my head, reminding me of the gay sex I had, in the past 30 days, & he wants to steal my sleep. He seeks to send me "panic attacks". He wants to destroy me, both my physical & mental health. Every night is a challenge for me TO FULLY RECEIVE HIS PEACE. I ASK THE PRAYER OF FORGIVENESS WILL CLEANSE MY MIND OF ALL BAD MEMORIES, AND NO EVIL SPIRIT WILL ATTACK MY SPIRIT MAN FROM NOW ON. AMEN.
#1289 Michael Please pray that I may be free from persistent headaches coughing and nausea and anything else that may need tackling!
#1288 Michael Johannes Beier I would like to ask for prayer to be healed and restored from: diabetes, anemia, heart and brain problems, kidney malfunction.
Thanks so much
#1287 Arzina I desperately need financial help. Please help me.

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