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# Date & Time Name Prayer
#167 Pauqueria King I would like a prayer to God that he sends me the right guy this year. The guy that will be the perfect match for me. The guy that I will marry and have kids from. I've been waiting for him Lord and I know you will send him to me this year Lord because I have faith and I know that you will answer this prayer Lord.
#166 Angela Williams Please pray that God deliver Derrick Williams, Sr. of Palatka, FL out of sin. Pray that God build a hedge of thorns around Derrick, so that he return home. For what God joins together, let no one seperate.
#165 amy spurlin I have applied several months ago for a modification of my loan. It has been in underwriting for a month and I am waiting to hear the status. I am currently behind by several months and need this modification desperately.I ask that angels surround all those involved in making the decision, and help them to know that it approving it quickly is the right thing to do. Please pray that I get a packet from the mortgage company within the next few days. Please pray that the modification of my mortgage loan has already been approved with a very favorable payment and the current arrears forgiven. Please pray that I am notified quickly about this approval. Dear God, please answer my prayer as of right now. Thank you, I am so grateful.

#164 Seth I have an important unspoken prayer request that I've written up on a sheet of paper. Please pray that God will fully, powerfully answer everything I've written on it according to His will. Pray that God will lead me, guide me, help me, and give me wisdom in those areas. Pray for guidance in praying this through and hearing God's answer, and that every prayer chain I send it to, God will draw many prayer warriors to pray fervently for it. Thanks.
#163 Mimi May God now return a widow and her 2 kids to the dignity He blessed them with in their creation...... may He come forth abundantly in them, with graces of money and wisdom and all types of healthy strength... may He send His Angels of joy... and may this now be with thanks for 1 and all, according to His Constant Lovingmercy :-)
#162 paula Ben I have been charged with some very serious charges in court and i am facing an uphill battle in court. A petition has been filed to revoke my probation and take away my freedom.Please stand in the gap for me and pray for me that God will intervene in my situation and give me mercy and favor with the judge and prosecutor over my case and that the lord will go before me and fight this battle for me.Please pray for me that God will deliver me from going to prison.God bless you
#161 paddy for rich heart attack
#160 cilla dear lord please pray for bryan and me. that we remain faithful til after marriage and he respects i want to wait. please help us get stronger in you so we can grow closer with u and with eachother. please pour your favor on bryan and guide him,please put your will in our lifes. i admit i was wrong to engage in any sexual act. please forgive me god. i love bryan so much.
#159 darci I ask for a tropical depression to come over Arkansas and bring us days of RAIN Rain Rain. We are in a severe drought.
I also ask for my son, Matthew to be safe
while traveling esp.
I ask for a man who is my true love to come into my life and share life with me.
I ask for my jobs to be secure.
#158 darci I ask prayer for RAIN RAIN RAIN for my
home in Malvern,Arkansas. We are in a
severe drought! Please help me sell my
house. Keep my son, Matthew safe on his
trip. Help me find true love.

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