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# Date & Time Name Prayer
#1255 I need prayer immediately for new shoe ,glasses,and clothes.Need prayer for money to come to me .please pray for me and my needs.
#1254 Prayers for new glasses,shoes,and clothes that I need.please for this miracle.
#1253 I have this prayer request.I like to see DeNa bring back the old Avatar online social community Mobamingle a new improved version with new features and the old features with games,music downloading,groups members can create,and groups that are realistic.Avatars based on anime.Avatar shops ,unlimited gold and daily gold allowance.Features that allow members to post photos.Blurts ,and mail so other members can privately chat.An active staff.Disallowing blocking of other members and deleting people on friends list.Also allowing members to write online novels on the site.Showing who is online.Search so other members can find other members.Allowing members to see who is close to them in their area or state or country.A new Mobamingle that is international in every country around the world to attract millions to join and have fun.Also allowing member to report other members who are not following the sites rules .And place those members in penalty before their accounts get suspended if reported again.Also allowing members to live in virtual houses and visit virtual cities and towns.And different virtual chat rooms for other members to chat with each other.A very sophisticated new Mobamingle.
#1252 A prayer That I will receive a gift of fifty million dollars from a wealthy source or individual this or next week so I can early retire.
#1251 For miracles blessings and healing in all areas of my life.For financial blessings and miracles.For abundance,opulent,prosperity ,and early retirement.Good things will happen for me this week and next week.That a nice beautiful lady who is a successful professional will appear and be best friends with me and help me .Also go do things with and go places like shopping.
#1250 Tammy I'm a domestic violence saviour pray I'm no longer abused homeless and job less and falsely acused of things l didn't do in Jesus name amen
#1249 Anonymous Prayers to meet a nice beautiful professional career women who are cultured and sophisticated in their 50s to age 60 for friendship,to be best friends and occasional dating romantically.Nothing sexual.Nice women who live in beautiful apartments,houses,and condominiums.Please pray that all my prayers will also be answered.I want a new life and be a better person.I want to leave this small town I currently live in and move back to the big city or suburbs where their are more things to do cultural wise.I also want to early retire.
#1248 Anonymous Prayers to meet a nice Arab woman in her 50s for friendship and love .A nice Arab woman from Morocco,Algeria,and Egypt.Who is well educated ,very sophisticated,and romantic.Prospeous,and a professional woman who lives in a nice beautiful house or condominium.Also cultured.
#1247 Diana Please pray that I will find and be with woman of my dreams.A very special beautiful woman for marriage.
#1246 Anonymous Prayers for full blessings miracles and healing in all areas of my life.For abundance and prosperity and opulence.For early retirement.For money to come to me by an wealthy individual or source as gift to early retire.To sleep better and have powerful dreams that will become reality.Also see visions .

If you want any of your prayers to be removed, please send an email to [email protected].  Please include the prayer number (which is next to the prayer's date and time) for each prayer you want removed.