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# Date & Time Name Prayer
#249 Brenda need interim boss to be hired permanently for the job. He is getting rid of the evil/negativity Need prayers for my work situation. Lots of work this week when I am going out of town. please pray that I have speed, accuracy, and endurance to get all the work done by Friday at closing time. need lots of prayers to get all of this done. please pray for my spiritual and financial needs.
#248 jade I want to thank God for keeping my sister and mom safe, for the spiritual height He's taken me to, for curing me of my jealousy problem, for curing my religious OCD more and more, for helping me see straight with my body image, eating disorder and other issues... I am much better off than I was before. now connect me with right life partner,thanks .
#247 hin The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life, of whom shall I be afraid?—Psalm 27:1 Almighty and merciful Father, by the power of Your command, help us,forgive our sin&make us clean&victorious.Pray for that our blessing will not be far from me for lord overlook our transgression sins and toss them as far east as the west to pardon forgive us of past Sins transgression iniquity bless us.father, release our son from the strongholds causing issues disrupting my family.thanks to prayers,glory be to heavenly father.thanks
#246 sanghinee me and my fiance Rash are planning to get married soon but my fiance is waiting for the annulment of his previous marriage approved so that we can marry. Please pray that everything goes well and get a favourable answer thank you
#245 Lee Dear God and Angels, Please help Mary with her pain and suffering.
#244 KIM in name of Jesus Christ, I pray believing, receiving and accepting God's miracles in my life this day and every day, for God's Divine favor is now my heritage, in Jesus Name.
#243 kaye please make me more productive at work and home. work situation is getting better, but still need prayers to get through this busy week. Please make an offer for interim to stay at job with week. He is getting rid of the evil/negativity. please make me focus/fly to get everything done.
#242 NISAR i need help, urgent help, i really need it! please don't think this case as any common breakup case! i will really die without somraj dutta, my boyfriend! we were best couple in our locality, but i made a mistake, i made a mistake, which is forgivable, but he refuses to forgive, and started new relationship! please i beg you all, please pray so that he forgive me and love me the way he used to, i will die without him!
#241 kaye please pray for my financial, spiritual needs. also pray that the interim boss gets offered the job. He is getting rid of the evil in the office.
#240 mary shygi hi i am shygi
for past 4 years my parents are searching bridegroome for me,but nothing as been settling ,all my cousins are got married ,i am the one left out ,a prayer person told me tat some witchcraft has done to my wedding so tat nothing should settle , i am depressed about this ,i dont know who did this to me and wat they want ,they said withcraft is done by a lady becoz she wants me to marry her son but she has a doubt tat whether my parents will agree or not so she has done this, i am not able to even go to relatives party or functions bcoz relatives would talk about me badly, bcoz i have not got married please ask god wat is happening in my life when will this fininsh and who did this witchcraft to me ,please pray for me

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