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# Date & Time Name Prayer
#1032 Laura Healing from childhood
#1031 Savita Prayer for mr lal Melwani for his surgery and his recovery post that
#1030 Violet Dear God, of the pain in my lower abdomen and the fibroids there in
#1029 laura please pray for 1 year old raegan who is in the icu at st francis hospital and seizures. pray the she is strong amd a fighter and the doctors have a lot of wisdom!that she is healed here on earth by the stripes of jesus,for a miracol if need be,thank you
#1028 Florence I am very sad and am struggling emotionally. I keep trying to get better and am hurting so badly. I am asking for prayers.
#1027 Robert G. Please pray for healing in my body.
My spine, legs & mind. I ask this in
Jesus name...Amen
#1026 Smithaa sonam guptaa Dearest Violet flame and father Lord,transform my ugly looks into the most beautiful youthful filled with everlasting mesmerising enchanting seductress bountiful beauty the power of Violet flame,heal all the 7chakras of Smith aa sonam guptaa's body permanently and destroy every curse jinx hex blackmagic evil eyes jealous intentions,evil demons and spirits assigned to ruin my beauty grace honour wisdom finance good relationships permanently.dearest Violet flame fill me with ur love and attraction and make me an enchantress permanently and destroy the power of all evil powers and people who wish me harm harassment blockages hindrances and delays and rejections permanently.destroy the power of those people who are bad mouthing bitching causing me a reputation as harm and are not doing my work as expected of them.dearest Violet flame permanently destroy the works of my enemies and revive and transform my love life permanently please,stop all hatred anger and negativity thrown into my aura.dearest Violet flame,get me the love and favours of all permanent ly and make those people guilty who are. Harming harassing or ruining my prospects,my job and love life permanently.thank you Violet flame,i love you.amen
#1025 Brittney Hello, I hope everyone reading this is having a blessed Holiday season! I am praying for me and someone who was like my best friend for out communication to be restored soon. We had a fight in November and I things are just a mess. He has been in my life almost 7 years and we reconnected again in May after the loss of his Father a month earlier. We need each other and I just want this fighting to stop once and for all. I have tried reaching out , no matter how nice I am, he is just being stubborn. We have a good friendship so I really hope to get that back. So please please please pray that Langston and I will reunite and talk again positively. In Jesus's name, I pray AMEN!

#1024 Neelakiran guptaa Dearest Violet Flame and father lord, destroy the power and effect of any blackmagic jinx curse hex spiritual wickedness and the other party who are trying to hurt harm harress neelam kiran guptaa and her finances and her blessings and her positivity, talents, riches, youthfulbeauty, wisdom, good relationships, understanding and cheerfulness permanently. Dearest violet flame, heal all the 7chakras of neelam kiran guptaa's body mind spirit soul and let there be permanent balance of all these 7chakras and remove all curses put on her body by jealous people due to which she suffered paun, stress, weakness, lavk of vitality and beauty permanently and remove all obesity from her body and fortify her body with strength glamour beauty permanently. Dearest violet flame, permanently remove curses, hexes, jinx, evil eyes laid upon neelam kiran guptaa by her jealius colleagues and friends over her beauty, wisdim, hardwork, skills, good relationships, finance and comforts in life permanently. Send forth ur legions of angels, violet flame that all the happiness cheerfulness laughter positivity, blessings are restored in her life permanently. Amen
#1023 Smithaa sonam guptaa Dearest Violet flame and father lord jesus, let i recieve your multitude blessings and enjoy them and harvest into my prayerto reap ur benefits throughout until eternity. Dearest violet flame, please permanently destroy the power and effects of all curses laid on Smithaa sonam guptaa's incoming finance and goodluck, prosperity, abundance, youth and beautyand goid physical health, my love life and wisdom and prayer power and vitality and progress and good relationships with everyone.please permanently remove the curse of lonliness, unhappuness, anger, frustration, rejections, delays, fruitlessness,darkness from the life of smithaa sonam guptaa and smithaa sonams carreer and moneypleaseeee. Dearest father lord, every curse blackmagic fruitlessness spells sorcery witchcraft, blackmagic,unhappiness, lack of prosperity done to hurt harm harress my living domaun, my house be permanently broken and let my haven be blessed with materialistic comforts and technological advancement and prosperity positivity permanently so that we progress to positive heights in the house we reside in.violet flame remove all clutter,untideness, cursed items from my house immediately and help us to fund those cursed items hidden in this house, please.dearest violet flame, help me finances to restore my broken house by means if skilled labours, materials and incoming miracle money without any interruption from the enemies and other evil forces.let this restoration be before Christmas 2017.I trust in you violet flame, that you are working on it starting this moment on, i give u glory for yr kindness and blessings.I thank u violet flame in my sweeetest surrender. Please help me violet flame to get a magical job that i hve been waiting for so long with best salary, timings and good colleagues. By the power of violet flame, restore all goid in my life continuosly and permanently that no one can steal or destroy the beauty of my life permanently. AMEN

If you want any of your prayers to be removed, please send an email to [email protected].  Please include the prayer number (which is next to the prayer's date and time) for each prayer you want removed.