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# Date & Time Name Prayer
#972 annette I don't know what to do and where to turn, please help with my son start working and do well in his life, finding right girl in his life so they can be happy and prosperous together, he is 33 years old.
Help me with my business do well and help me find a buyer for the business, I am 67 years old and cannot take this pressure in my life. No matter how much I pray, be good person, nothing seems to be working, I extremely depressed inside with worry, failure, anxiety, I am just miserable regarding these matters, I cannot take this pressure, please help with your prayers, thank you
#971 Leslie anders hamm Could u please pray i get help from quincy housing with my overpayment.of 48.00 my rent is 242.00 and my paycheck is 257.00.i need my rent to go down.god to bless me with bus pass and rides to get home from work.i need a huge favor from god
#970 Sarah please could you pray for my amazing Dad Jeffrey who has terminal cancer caused by asbestos. His cancer is spreading aggresively and I am asking for prayer for his healing. He is becoming weak, is in terrible pain and needs physical strength as well as inner healing from cancer. I also pray for a clear mind for my Dad. Thank you so much
#969 Abim Wessey give my immediate seeds unlimited blessings, healing and favor in all aspects of their lives. All their lives continously bless them with the victory and unlimited resources of money all their life times in Jesus name. Amen.
#968 Gwendolyn Williams My health my family health a husband a wedding band a sewing machine everything I always wanted and needed faith happiness love
#967 Dhanya Oh lord my god, i pleading before you for mercy. You know everything, you know that my mom had recovered from a minor stroke. Now she is feeling some difficulty since two days. I plead for your mercy upon us lord. Please touch her with your sacred scar and relieve from the difficulties. I pray for her total health in name of jesus who died on cross. Amen
#966 Dan I'm going through difficult times ...basically trying to survive. Please pray that I may cope with all problems, through Jesus Christ, the mediator, with his violet flame.

Thank you.
#965 Gloria Please pray that I may have internal peace and that all pain and suffering be removed from my life.
#964 Ben Dear Brothers and Sisters,
my brother Hamid suffers now for 4 years from vioces. They condemn and threaten him. He believes in our Lord Jesus Christ. He was and is in hospital, The droges don'T help at all. He suffers day and night. Please pray for him.
He was one Moslems but he has been baptized and newborn befor almost 12 years.
Please help him with your prayers.
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