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# Date & Time Name Prayer
#592 Bradley Please pray i really need a job to provide for my family
#591 karen
Please show me a sign everything will be ok cause m very restless and cant go on this way please Make our complicated relationship become uncomplicated,let Paresh n me grow stronger take away the pain,hurt n mistrust let us forgive eachother n not fall into temptation n restore this damaged relationship.Pls build a hedge of thorns between Paresh n other women/distractions let those with wrong influence wil lose interest and leave him alone,pls let him stop his flirting n cheating n let us settle down s planned. professionally let me meet my office targets and stay accross the green line,get a good salary hike, get incentive which will be sufficient for me to provide for Chris school fees n clear my debts n not incurr any addtional ones
#590 swatika I am a positive person and I peacefully want to live with beautiful caring and unconditionally loving people . I am beautiful person and I sincerely want peace for me and for everyone :) thank u do much angels and God for helping me I love u all I am living beautiful life positively.
#589 Donzella Hendrix I am asking for prayer for a financial breakthrough. Please pray for me for money ($501.00) to move into my apartment on 11/18/2015. Thank you and so it is. Namaste
#588 Virgilio Alvarez Please help me to solve our financial problem. I am already 14 months unemployed and I have a family with three children to support. I hope our financial situation will improved in Jesus Name. I pray amen.
#587 Craig W Tiske I ask prayer for release from all hindering forces on my life I ask for justification, sanctification, regeneration Ephesians 2;1-5 and Colossians2;12-13.
#586 Jordan Vira We are living in a overcrowded house(10 people altogether) filled with lies and manipulations. Me and my family want no part of it and want out ASAP!!! So please aggressively pray for us for a financial breakthrough, which will enable us to get out of this house and get back on our feet and live our lives according to God's Will. Thank you

-Jordan Vira
-Eleanor Vira
-Kyle Jones
-Kylen Vira
-Kayden Vira
#585 Del Please help me prayer in my new much better job. Blessings!
#584 Laura Asking for prayers for me to pass my national pediatric specialty exam Monday Sept 28,2015. I have really bad test anxiety and could use everyone's positive vibes for me to remain calm and focused. Thank you Laura
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