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# Date & Time Name Prayer
#821 GAURAV Praise the lord pastor, please pray for me to get a job, i am so much depressed , please pray for me to see god's miracle in my life.


Gaurav, india
#820 vishnu my sister shancy age 36 is undergoing painful medical tests, for her recovery & strength
#819 Kenneth L. Lane Prayer request is that i'am facing hard financial time and i really need a financial money blessing to take place in my life as i speak.
#818 vishnu my mom santha, we are from india, state kerala, city palakkad. She is having severe stomach pain which doctors have failed to find. Psychics say its due to her continuous negative thinking for many years(decades)
#817 Alina Thank you for pray . My name is Alina.I am ashamed to ask again for pray but i need pray .I had cancer of the gland and I inherited from my mother. Now my mother has had 4 surgeries and she does not feel good. I am afraid she dies and she is not saved. I can not go with my mother to help her. I need Jesus more than ever. I only see no way, and I just suffer daily for my mother. Please pray for us because Jesus is our only salvation. And my neighbor Jasmin still needs prayer. God bless you
#815 Dcunha I am from Mumbai but i am in huge financial debt's. I am currently looking for a job in America to earn my living & clear my debts. Can you or a member of your organisation provide me a sponsorship visa to work in your country. I am willing to take up any job. Please help me... Please I am in need of a job . Email: [email protected]
#814 Sandy Garcia Please pray for a miracle to restore my marriage to Mathew. We have been separated for almost 4 months and in that time I have been able to talk to him 1 time. I dont have his new #. I dont know if he has a girlfriend or not. I pray he doesnt. I have stood by this man thru hell and highwater, but his mother and grandmother hate me, so they are an obstacle for us. I have been 100% faithful to Mathew, so I dont get this ignoring me. Please pray for a miracle, please
#813 Charlene Real Please pray for my daughter Amanda. She may have cancer. Drs have been giving her the runaround since Dec. So we're taking her to Madison Wisconsin where a Dr is concerned and is going to do what the Drs here in Rockford Illinois won't do. She needs a biopsy to find out if she has lymphoma. She goes back May 4th for labs and a CT-Scan. Then we will find out when and if a biopsy will be done. Please pray for my Daughter.
#812 Craig W Tiske I call upon God banish all evil persons on and in my life I claim Psalm 94 in Jesus Name
#811 Jyoti Pandey (Guddy) I have come in front of you all asking for divine intercession from heaven, miracles, protections & huge spiritual support to find a love of my life get married to him & settle down bearing the blessings of marital life. Please send me very special form of healings & prayers to find a chaste, decent, well educated, conventional, one women man, of my age who comes from a good family & have moral values, upbringing like me. Bless us so that both of us get married develop a good healthy bond between us & spend our whole life with each other happily. I request you all to find him in spirit & guide both of us towards each other so that both of us meet & unite with shower of tremendous blessings, love & protections in all aspects throughout our lives. Thanks so much.

If you want any of your prayers to be removed, please send an email to [email protected].  Please include the prayer number (which is next to the prayer's date and time) for each prayer you want removed.