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# Date & Time Name Prayer
#897 Jul. 16, 2017 10:25 AM Anuj gupta Dearest violet flame, destroy the power of negative energies which are not letting him gain powerful finance for running house.violet flame release his finances, so that he can send his children to school regularly and provide them with good clothes, books and all items so that they are able to study for exams and pass with flying colors. HEAL the mental clarity understanding of anuj gupta, destroy the power of mental backwardness, narrow mindset, may violet flame broaden his perspective towards life, finance, bussiness, jobs, education, his own self development. HEAL Anuj gupta with better effective time management skill, discipline, good food habits,respectful of each and everyone and himself and find him favours in the eyes of his bussiness associates and get him the finance into his life. Destroy the power of rejection and delays and failures in his life permanently. As we pray for him, let there be no harm on any dimension of smithaa sonam guptaa And neelamkiran guptaa permanently.
#896 Jul. 16, 2017 09:49 AM Smithaa sonam guptaa Dearest Violet flame, brung fun adventure happiness in my life.. Remove unhappiness, lonliness es sadness, misunderstanding,unforgiveness, anger, frustration, hardships from the lives of smithaa sonam guptaa AND neelam kiran guptaa. VIOLET FLAME,i hve been trying to clear clutter from my house, for some reason,for no reason, its getting delayed, so violet flame, today clear my house miraculously from any junk and clutter and my house should be renewed refresh with powerful positive vibrant happy energy with classy furniture, latest electronics and walls coloured with smooth textures.. With latest trendy sexy classy clothes and accessories, awesome and healthy food stuff and house free from dirt filth and house full of angels. House full of laughter joy relaxed yet positive energy
#895 Jul. 15, 2017 11:44 PM Robin Augustine can you pray for me and Percy to get married and who ever do witch craft on us will be block from ever hurting us again and for my money to be released now. all the bad luck will go away for ever and pray for prosperity for me and that Percy calls me every day.
#894 Jul. 15, 2017 12:58 PM srilekha my daughter is suffering chronic lung disease, severe breathing problem, she gets blood in sputum, back pain.. her lungs airways blood vessels are damaged due to infection... please pray for her... praise the lord jesus...
#893 Jul. 15, 2017 07:41 AM Smithaa sonam guptaa Dearest Violet flame and father Lord,please please please destroy the power and attacks of demons,blackmagic,jinx,curse,hex,spiritualwickedness,sorcery,witchcraft,negativity,evil eyes,sorcery upon smithaa sonam guptaa and mother and entire family members and house permanently.Father Lord,make smithaa sonam guptaa free from sickness permanently.father Lord and Violet flame,make smithaa sonam guptaa,physically very thin curvatous,oozing with class,grace,elegance,sexuality,sensuality,youthpower and beauty permanently.Permanently heal the positive energies of smithaa sonam guptaa that no can destroy,steal,stop from her.Father lord and Violet flame,increase the intuitive powers,clairvoyance,mental sharpness,right accurate judgement of all things,p power mental understanding and mental retention ,cleverness,smartness,logical thinking,increased skills for personal and professional development.Heal time management skills that every work personal or professional is delivered effortlessly within time lines ,more efficiently,more accurately with maximum results.Father lord fill smithaa sonam guptaa with joy happiness laughter fun positivity,positive attitude.Father Lord and Violet Flame,cleanse,purify powerfully all situation of smithaa sonam Gupta's life and make her rule like a princess permanently.Heal the finances if smithaa sonam guptaa that the universe with the power of Violet Flame is permanently blessing with every increasing abundantly growing finance,riches,luxury,happiness and powerful savings.Heal the skin condition of smithaa sonam guptaa,turn the white skin of her,into 10times more fairer skin with youth charisma spot free skin permanently.Make smithaa sonam Gupta's face very beautiful attractive,rich looking,blemish free,powerfully youthful,enigmatic,angelic and diva like permanently.May my current job be powerful safe and free from any political pressure and my new job that I have applied for should reward me abundantly with hundred percent increase in Salary and vertically higher designation and free from any office politics and negative people.Reward the life of smithaa sonam guptaa with true genuine helpful friends who are always there for her and they are enriching and smithaa sonam benefits from them without they knowing about it.Send an amazing life partner who is socially powerful and influential,financially everygrowing stable powerful and madly in love with her,respectful,understanding,resourcefull,spends quality time, honest,caring,uppercrest,handsome looking and well cultured,well mannered,and they both are madly in love with each other and get married and happily life ever after.May this be true now and forever and until Eternity.Thank you Violet Flame.
#892 Jul. 14, 2017 11:56 PM Neelam Kiran guptaa dearest Violet flame,by your miracle and that of our father Lord,remove every sickness,fever,sinus problem,migraine,cough,cold body ache,digestion problem and all sickness from head to toe permanently.remove every sickness which has been caused by evil eyes permanently.Father Lord,Heal the body mind spirit soul with utmost positivity,vigour,power,youth,beauty,vitality,strength,stamina for neelam kiran guptaa permanently.Heal her dressing sense and make her look classy sauce trendy elite elegant beautiful permanently.Heal her power of mind,make her sharp clever, good sense of humour,ability to understand and remember things,best time management skills,positive attitude,happiness,cheerfulness,power to understand who her friends and enemies are,adaptability,flexibility,convincing skills,fearless permanently.Remove all toxic and stress from her and all dimensions of her life permanently.May she be guarded and guided by angels permanently.Heal all her resources.Let finance flow in like the gushing waterfall,may she be enlightened to use it effectively for needs wants desire and yet invest money where her savings multiple and there are no financial losses permanently.Make neelam kiran guptaa fair skin more clearer,spot free,acne free,glowing supple charming beautiful,oozing with freshness all the time and make her skin much more fairer youthful permanently.Fill her face with youth charm attractiveness beauty,beautiful expression , enigmatic,filled with positive attraction permanently.May she learn new powerful career and personal development skills which will boost her resume effortlessly.May she speak fluent English without any fear or mistakes permanently.May she enjoy the luxury,riches that she was deprived off earlier in her life .Heal her heart to be powerful strong and capable of making right decision.heal the good relationship between her and her sister smithaa sonam guptaa,let their be more fun,humour ,happiness,sharing ,caring,unity,respect for each other.Send her prince charming now,who is well mannered and well educated and financially powerful resourceful and every growing financially and takes care of her needs,wants ,desires.may he be the caring loving honest understanding ,socially powerful and loads of fun and they both get married and settle down happily ever after and permanently.Destroy the power of her jealous colleagues and friends who are not letting her progress and may she rise and shine above all permanently.Thank you Violet flame and father Lord,so mote it be.Amen Amen Amen.
#891 Jul. 14, 2017 08:11 PM Jamie I am petitioning the assistance of God to change the heart of my lost companion Valerie. It was wonderful to be with her and I miss her immensely. Please remind her of the joy we shared together. She was not only a friend but also a mentor with great advice who lifted my spirits greatly. It would mean so much to have her back in my life again.
#890 Jul. 14, 2017 02:08 PM Merle Please pray for me that the Lord will heal this disease that attacks my immune system.May He give me more strength and energy so I can go on and do more and may the Lord bless me more financially for my everyday needs ,in Jesus name,Amen
#889 Jul. 14, 2017 10:17 AM kim Lord.anoint our son to get married this year.dissolve his loneliness by your mercy upon his life.Amen.
#888 Jul. 13, 2017 09:03 AM Lisa Please pray for Martha she's having chemo today and pray all goes well with no complications

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