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# Date & Time Name Prayer
#959 Sep. 10, 2017 07:43 PM Thelma Let me start by introducing my self, My names are Thelma olsen, Originally from Denmark
I have been married for abour 37 years , I have three kids, Two are grown up and lives on
their own, My husband used to be a very humble, respectful and understanding man,Not until he
lost his job, He came home that very day depressed and tired, I managed to cheer him up,
Telling that that wasn't the end of the world,Few days later, He began to visit bars
and hotels around with the little saving he had, everyday he comes home drunk and stinking
of cigeratte all over him, I became so worried and worried why he would put himself into such condition,
I tried everything a partner could do, But all my efforts where useless, Until i came across a testimony
of woman from china whom got help from a herbal spell caster and doctor, according to her, she said
he helped her husband win a lottery amd also a contract worth a lot of money, So i decided to contact the
man mention above to see if he could be of help to my husband, I copied his email from the website,
Then i emailed him , telling him who i am and what my problems where and he could he of help, He asked
for his pictures and names of my husband , The herbal spell caster told me that he would caster a spell
and my husband will no longer be depressed and he would get a good and better job, intialy i though it
was a joke, But didn't have any other else to do, To my greatest suprise, Few weeks later, My husband changed
Doesn't drink nor smoke, He begano behave normal and romantic as he used to be,again, And i believe he would get a better job soon,
Today we are living happy . And the spell caster also told me that if i had anymore problems, That he could lso helo
I am so happy , Can't stop telling all you out there about this great man, His man is DOCTOR ZUMGBA.HIS EMAIL IS
[email protected]/ WHATSAPP:+2349093869683.
#958 Sep. 10, 2017 10:27 AM Kingsley Okankwu Please pray for me to be protected and surrounded by the Light and power of God. Also pray for me for health, wealth and happiness. I also need a prayer for my family to be protected aginst any negativity or karma.I want God to cleans and cear my blurred vision, I also want to be united and be together with love Gwulu Ajigwu as we were before. Pray for me so that all negative force hindering my financial position to clear and transmuted by the Violet Flame. Let God clear the way of Love Gwulu Ajigwu for success and let her market improve in the name of the LIGHT.
#957 Sep. 10, 2017 01:12 AM Maria and partner I am cleaning with my EXPERIENCE OF people who damage my live, cut me a way from my partner live using black magic, who made me lose all i have as house, car, food, work, money, friends, all yhis because i know about a particular situation. This is happening so i am quiet and this people continue to trafic and kill children.
#956 Sep. 09, 2017 09:57 PM Grace Makombe Please pray for healing for my Mother Ellen Jonga Lord please touch my mothers body from head to toe Every pain every disease every illness remove it from my.mothers body in jesus name,Lord please heal my mothers headaches,heal my.mothers lungs in jesus name in jesus name.Father God you are the healer please strenghten my.mothers body give my mother strenght and good health in jesus holy name Amen
#955 Sep. 09, 2017 09:57 PM Grace Makombe Please pray for healing for my Mother Ellen Jonga Lord please touch my mothers body from head to toe Every pain every disease every illness remove it from my.mothers body in jesus name,Lord please heal my mothers headaches,heal my.mothers lungs in jesus name in jesus name.Father God you are the healer please strenghten my.mothers body give my mother strenght and good health in jesus holy name Amen
#954 Sep. 08, 2017 03:21 AM Anonymous Lord I a am asking for deliverance for Tara Taylor from that abusive relationship. She has gotten herself in trouble again. Lord have mercy give her the victory cover her in your blood. Praying for unity for family restore the marriages soften the hearts let them fall to their knees and ask forgiveness. Lord satan is really trying to destroy my family but I know God is able there is nothing to hard for you Jesus. Have mercy bless my parents restore their health and strength. Praying for a closer walk with God. Calm the raging seas. Praying for Almeria healing and joy peace Cody a special job of his desire. Cheryl and her children a closer relationship bind satan. Asking for victory on my job turn our call center around let it be a peaceful fun happy place to work. Bless everyone with the will to come to work appreciate their job. Mold us to be the strong confident sales person for us to keep our jobs and meet our sale goals every month. Praying for spiritual blessing for my nieces nephews family. Find favor on my job I am a faithful employee always at work on time. Let everyday be a great sales day or week. Strengthen me in the areas that I am week. Look beyond my faults and see my needs. Bless my parents with good health peace joy happiness. Restore my mother's strength Asking in Jesus name Amen. Asking lord for help and deliverancefrom sleep disorder. Which is effecting my ability to function properly and my health I be so tired but I know God is able to bless me with good night sleep the devil is a liar . I'm asking for several hours of sleep at night
#953 Sep. 08, 2017 03:21 AM Anonymous Praying for healing for Anna Taylor my mother that she can get rid of that cough. Build up her immune system she was hospitalized a couple of months back with pneumonia and just haven't been able to get rid of that cough. But lord I look to you for your healing touch. Asking in Jesus name Amen.
#952 Sep. 05, 2017 08:06 PM Leslie anders hamm Increaee my hours at hyvee on harrison,salad bar,pray for my managers becky and kayla make out the schedule.21-30 hrs a week.end my for tithes.rain and thunderstorms in quincyIl.
#951 Sep. 04, 2017 01:41 PM Mary Mother Father God, Master Jesus, Angels of the highest realms,spiritual guides. Thank you for healing Barbara and Jordan of their physical and emotional ailments. We are made in the image and likeness of you, Lord, and your healing is divine. And so it is done. With much gratitude.
#950 Sep. 04, 2017 09:35 AM Smithaa sonam guptaa By the mighty power of father Lord and Violet flame,destroy the power and effect of spiritually wicked souls,spiritual wickedness practised upon me and my family,demonic attacks,witchcraft,satanical influence,evil spirits,hex,curse,sorcery,blockages,hindrances,delays,evil mind control,vashikaran,uchattan,rejectiins,insults,dejection,any harmful politics planted against us,any financial crisis curse planted against us,lonliness,unhappiness,any negativity done to hurt harm haress Smithaa sonam guptaa and neelam kiran guptaa and our family,permanently.Mmay no negativity have any power over us,please.Dearest Violet flame destroy the power of all my evil neighbours and my neighbours in the vicinity who are forcing us to sell our house to them,destroy the power of all these evil neighbours of mine who are practising voodoo,curses,blackmagic,being physically and verbally abusive to us permanently and fill all these evil neighbours of mine with fear and destroy the money power of all these of my neighbours permanently and they have no power over us and stop them from physically damaging my house,stealing my water and electricity,stop them permanently.Violet flame send ur angels to protect me and my family and our house and our finances ,good health,wellbeing,relationships with everyone around and our good reputation and our skills virtues and talents permanently.Heal all the dimensions and life situation of smithaa sonam guptaa and neelam kiran guptaa permanently.Ddearest Violet flame,remove all mind body spirit soul sickness of smithaa sonam guptaa and neelam kiran guptaa permanently.Remove every curse on our prayer life and spiritual powers ,protective powers of smithaa sonam guptaa and neelam kiran guptaa permanently.Mighty Violet Flame remove void ,lonliness,unhappiness,lack of support from others,crisis and lack,blockage of the eyes ,mind power blockage,laziness,lack of motivation and interest,lack of joy,prosperity and abundance from the life of smithaa sonam guptaa and neelam kiran guptaa and destroy the works of energy sucking vampires,people,robbers of our positive energy permanently.Violet flame,bless smithaa sonam guptaa with a good reputed job with high salary and higher designation without any kind of exploitation,this job should walk up to me without any delay and hindrance.Permanently destroy the power of those who are posing as friends to us but are our true enemies.By the power of Violet flame,make smithaa sonam guptaa physically superfit,very thin curvatious,oozing with sensuality sexuality power youth beauty seductress elegant class apart,filled with royal aura with loads of rich classy upper crest unique clothes accessories shoes the mighty power of Violet flame fill smithaa sonam with sharp clear mind,high power intuition,clairvoyance,cleverness,great mental retention powers,great sense of humour,witty,power to see beyond everyone and everything,powers to protect.By the mighty power of father Lord,make smithaa sonam guptaa a powerful money magnet and let all riches youth success abundance wealth prosperity come unto smithaa sonam permanently.Amen

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