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# Date & Time Name Prayer
#643 Andy Singh Please pray for my Protection, Health and Leadership as an Evangelizer of God.
Thanks and May God bless,
#642 Jyoti Pandey (Guddy) Dear Family,
I hope you are fine & doing good. I am a female of 34 years born on December 02, 1981 & my name is Jyoti. I want to pourdown my heart with you. I had always been hydrophobic, fearful, sad person, had nightmares & saw lots of scary water in my dreams, with lots of headaches, cold problems & illnesses, since I started knowing my this life from my very early childhood. Life seemed very challenging & difficult since then. After i grew up & took a spiritual path just few years back my soul, heart & mind was always telling me that I need past life healings & may be I died by drowning in my past life. Just about a month back i had a past life regression with a lady healer. I could see clearly that I was a female & a male person hold my long hairs banged my head against the big hard rocks many times in a dark aloof black deep broad very broad black scary river with water in all sides with big mountainous rocks on the one side. He banged my head again & again & left me to die there. I have met this person, Mr. B. in this life of mine just few months back. He lives in a other country & i will be meeting him again for about a month. May be after that i will never meet him again. I am so surprised & totally shocked that i died such a painful death. Due to JESUS CHRIST & his teachings I have forgiven him from my side but how do i face him when i meet him in real? What about the wheel of karma, my murderer who committed such a heinous crime on me in my past live Mr. B, is living his this life with lots of ease, praises. I am so surprised & I the innocent victim is still living with by birth depression, hydrophobia, cold allergies & problems with illnesses, unknown sadness, unknown fears,negative feelings,migraine headaches though I have been born & brought in such a decent family & loving family. Please keep me in your daily healings, send me loads of healings, blessings, miracles to clear my past life baggages, my traumas, my death pains,my cries & sufferings, my bad energy exchange with this man B. or other people in my past lives & also to heal my relationship with water which i still believe is life giving not life taking. Thanks so much for being for me there, Please do help me heal fully & move forward in my life to serve humanity. I want to make this life of mine meaningful & fruitful & want to live & die pecefully. THANKYOU SO MUCH, MAY GOD BLESS YOU.
#641 nikki fissure gone
#640 Elsabe Please pray for release of my
This debts is like a yoke around
my neck - please pray that this yoke
be broken and burn to ashes
#639 Leslie Hamm Reconciliation reunite us.pray for me to hear from my friend again.Jerry Williams.i truly miss him.he is my truelove praying to hear a text and a call from him.and for my sister Katrina.she has copd she has been sick with bronchitis.also for to to go up front at where i cashier.or move departments.get off.salad end loneliness.get weight off 152 pounds.more than 12 hours a stuff for clothes.all prayers answered.miracle for my friendship relationship.
#629 Wen

Prayer Request:
We are trusting and believing Almighty God for a financial miracle
Please pray and agree with us for a winning favor from God
#628 Earnestine perdue
Hi my name is earnestine perdue age 36 and i am in desperate need of a miracle prayer.i met my soulmate my other half we were so happy until a female from his past entered back into his life and turned him completely against me.we had a connection so strong and i miss him so deeply.i want to marry him.his name is ricky mcqueen.he is 46.i feel a part of me is empty and i have been praying and turning it all over to god but i dont know if i am doing it right because there are many times where i forget to pray.i want my friend back its been over a year.pray god comes into our lives and strengthen us and put us back together.pray he removes anyone in our lives who are against us and may he expose them and their lies.pray god changes us and softens his heart.i have forgiven him and her.i just want him back in my life.please pray for us.also pray for protection of us both my children our health my home and a blessing in finances.i need jesus to intervene in my life so i can see hear and become more spiritual and closer to him.i need the lord to help me and to help ricky mcqueen and my children
#626 jeremiah Please pray that I will stay out of trouble,here in yakima county wa.and not commit any new crimes.for god to help me refuse all drugs and alcohol for life.and for a financial jesus name amen.god bless you!
#625 hyacinth adibe I pray for total and permanent termination,removal and banishment of whosoever and whatsoever that are tormenting,threathening,disturbing,plotting and troubling my life,destiny,health,love life,desires,future,EYES,blessings,existence,fertility,work,businesses,gifts,visions,prayers,finances and reproductive systems amen
#624 Zohmingliani My name is Zohmingliani. I am from Mizoram, India. I am 25 years old. I am female. I have problem with my health. I would list it out. The followings are my health problems :
1) There is so much of uncomfortness in my head and tooth.
2) My head shakes when i am in motion and hears a loud sudden sound and when someone suddenly pass by me.
3) I have difficulty making eye contact with people, not because of any inferiority but something happens in my head that stops me to make eye contact which inturn makes my eyes red. There are also red veins in my eyes.
4) My hand gesture is not normal. My legs movement are sometimes not normal.

Please pray for me so that i can get healed.

If you want any of your prayers to be removed, please send an email to [email protected].  Please include the prayer number (which is next to the prayer's date and time) for each prayer you want removed.