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# Date & Time Name Prayer
#993 Smithaasonam guptaa Father lord and Violet flame,destroy the power and effect of all harm caused to my good reputation and money power and Goodluck by my sister neelamkiran kiran Guptaa permanently.........destroy her power to poison me and destroy the power of witchcraft blackmagic done by enemies to make neelamkiran kiran Guptaa create fight and arguments in the house....
#992 Smithaasonam guptaa Dearest Violet flame,destroy my sister neelamkiran kiran Guptaa power of nagging,destroy her power and effect of curse and hex and her power to curse my pet.destroy her power to cause harm and harrasing Smithaa sonam Guptaa.permanently stop her unwise behaviour and her power to fighting and destroy the power of curse and evil eyes and blackmagic done by her boss nisha george who is creating fights in my house.destroy nisha george and her tongue hands legs and her money power from head to the permanently.....
#991 Cindy Schultz I ask for a door to open up for a new opportunity in my life for a better paying job where I love to work.

#990 cindy rogofsky I pray for this in the name of Jesus Christs name. I pray for the love of this beautiful lady named Serafina M Payne. I pray that she loves me as deeply as I love her. God made her for me. I pray for this fervently in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!
#989 cindy rogofsky I pray that I get a money miracle. I pray to get a million dollar idea so I can buy a big huge house. I want to help neglected and abused kids and animals. I pray for this in Jesus Christs name. Amen.
#988 Lawrence Nathaniel Dawson I was in relationship her family objected us so her family has done evil work on her to make her forget me she has changed and gone away from me please pray that she will come back to me Amen
#987 Smithaa sonam guptaa Father lord and Violet flame, destroy the power of troubling neighbourhood, who are practicing blackmagic, vodoo, evil eyes, jealous intention, witchcraft and all sorts of evil, social politics to force us to evacuate our own house as they have community bias and destroy my own sisters, neelam kiran guptaa AND sarika omprakash gupta AND brother ANUJ gupta and his evil wife, sarika prema sunderlal gupta and Om Prakash gupta for harrassung me verbally physically emotionally during this phase of my sickness. Destroy my organisation jpmc who is harrasing me and not releasing my money please. Remove all financial curses permanently from smithaa sonam guptaa life and make me financially so powerful that i hve my own house, my own car, my own financial assets and bank balance and high investments. Stop my sister neelam kiran from being jealous of my goodness beauty youth and money power and stop her nagging tongue permanently
#986 rebecca violet flame make my life better financially in every way
#985 Regina Please prey for me to get pregnant with a healthy child. I am going to go through my fifth round of IVF next month. I really want a healthy baby and have for a very long time. Thank you so much for your prayers.

God Bless you.
#984 Isabel and Losang Please pray so all obstacles so I and Long can be together in physical plane are burn in yhe violet flame

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