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# Date & Time Name Prayer
#852 Our love Dear father remove curses vengeance speaking and counterfeit lustful adulterous spirits of old or present, that try to impose come against our marriage our love.Dear Father cover our marriage bed with your Blessings,saturate us with such great love and respect for one another and respect from our children and family.cast those vain prayers of evil doers away from our bed our minds and our hearts.protect heal restore our marriage our love made perfect through you father God.may know weapon formed against us prosper in the name of Jesus.I thank you dear father you hear our voice because we our your sheep and you care for us and love us you have joined us together as man and wife and may no man put sender in the name of Jesus.cast the past away forgive us and renew our hearts in refreshing love for you dear father God and each other in the name of Jesus cast off the old and bring in the new for us that we may live a more fruitful love for each other and for you.please help Dear Father remove curses vengeance speaking and heal us from all those who plot in vain to destroy what you have brought together US AS ONE keep us under your precious wing dear father and forgive us and those who have hurt us in the name of Jesus bring love and healing restoration to us.remove thoughts the enemy has planted or memories that have hurt us in the name of us protect our marriage our children our 2 grandchildren and keep us united to walk this earth in love and harmony together forever in you in the name of Jesus Amen Amen Amen
#851 srilekha im suffering from copd severe breathing problem plsease pray for me to comeout of this problem

#849 Hj St Therese, thank you. Please pray that I can heal my broken heart, that I can move on. That I can accept that FWG is going to be with someone else.
Please help me to heal and bless the of union, their relationship and future marriage. Please let them be happy and peaceful together. Let them have healthy happy children together. Please let him forget about me and put all his energy into their love. May he fall in love with her more every day. May he be the best partner and father he can be.
May I be at peace, growing and healing and loving myself.
May I find another deep.soul connection who is emotionally available, who is kind, attractive, sober, growing, loving, peaceful, spiritual, sane, awakened, mystical, opekn, honest, good with my daughter and my family, communicative, intelligent, likes dogs, good hygeine, good with money, similar interests and values, and our love is deep and passionate. This or something better
For the higher good of all involved.
#848 Erin For my hubby to be healed from cancer, my aunt cancer and my lil cuz from muscular disease
#847 Geri Flood I pray that god gives me more confidence in myself and makes me a stronger woman
#846 Joyce Roberts Please God heal me from bipolar disorder and depression and restore my normal daily functioning back.thank you God in Jesus name amen.thanks to you All for the prayers and may God bless you All amen
#845 Lm Please pray for Marie she's getting chemo please ray she goes through them well with no infections or other complications
#844 Jesu I'm waiting for job..please pray for me.
#843 John
Please pray for those in Oak Harbor, Washington State, USA, who are homeless, living in cars, have mental problems, addictions, etc.

I encounter them almost daily where they are able to receive a free meal.
Thank you.
Vietnam era Veteran

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