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# Date & Time Name Prayer
#930 Aug. 06, 2017 12:02 AM Neelam kiran guptaa By the mighty power and glory of father lord and violet flame,miraculuosly and powerfully and abundantly bless protect heal all dimension aspects of neelam kiran guptaa permanently.Make neelamkiran guptaa permanently very thin, curvatious,youthful, oozing with beauty, fitness and free from all sickness physically. May neelam have improved fortified stamina, vigour vitality, youth physically and mentally cheerfulness, positivity,clarity, freedom from confusion and confused situation, mental sharpness, great mental retention, freedom frim anger and frustration, increased ability to learn assimilate understand and retain information,positive aura permanently that no one can steal hex curse or destroy and she enjoys its increased benefits.make neelam kiran guptaa dull skin into youthful luscious clean clear milkwhite supple glowing attractive skin permanently. May neelam kiran guptaa recieve abundant finance continuosly and every increasing permanently and may she and her families needs wants desires are met. Heal the tingue of neelam kiran guptaa, may she have right sense of timings, right words to the right people for maximim benefits permanently. May she speak and understand grammatically error free, fluent English with diction, articulation, without stammering fearlessly and permanently. Make neelam kiran guptaa efficient, effective time management and effective people management, right art of people management skills, find favours of all, utilises resources effectively for herself and family for maximum benefits permanently.Fill neelam kiran guptaa with positive attitude,cheerfulness, abundant happiness,mindfulness,mental strength, powerfully positive aura permanently.may there be a powerful positive personality development that transforms her into powerful successful young woman permanently. Heal her wounded heart and stop all negative emotions of anger selfharm frustration snapping and replace negative emotiin with recieving genuine honest love and affection respect care genuine friendlinessfrom all permanently. Please get her brand new classy rich elegant uppercrest clothes that she is longing for. Renew her house with classy furniture,useful gadgets, clothes, accessory, beautiful useful things that she needs wants desires permanently.with every passing day, neelamkiran guptaa is looking youthful beautiful glowing permanently. Destroy the power of negativity that her evil colleagues and bosses are usung against her and her family and any dimension of her life permanently. Destroy the power and effect of any blackmagic jinx curse hex spiritual wickedness, sorcery, witchcraft, negative auras, souls entity,evil mental and emotionalmanipulation done to hurt harm harress her permanently. Thank you violet flame. Amen
#929 Aug. 05, 2017 11:36 PM Smithaa sonam guptaa By the purest mighty power, dearest violet flame, please bless protect heal smithaa sonam guptaa abundantly with pure powerful energy, infinite financial and good health abundance,youth and beauty, ultimate wisdom in every sphere of life, powerfully positive destiny and enjoy its benefits, cheerfulness, materialistic abundance and its benefits,uppercrest life and luxury and job, amazing honest loving caring financially sound life partner and true genuine helpful friends permanently that no one can steal, borrow, hex, curse or destroy.Violet flame find me favours of all, heal my finances and whatever i buy should be ultimate wow beneficial life enriching and transforming powerfully new resourceful at dirt cheap pricing that are like buying peanuts, that are like buying real diamonds at the price of coal permanently.dearest violet flame, destroy the power and effect of evil eyes, jinx, curse, hex,negativity, blockages, hindrances, delays, failures,rejections, blackmagic,ill health in mind and body, bad relationships,spiritual wickedness, confusion, evil souls and entities and social financial politics and anything holding me back from good permanently . Heal my job please, get me a well paying elite uppercrust job with higher designation and superfast growth now please please please so that i can take care of wants needs desires of me and my family.heal my skin to be beautiful milkwhite spotfree now permanently. Fill smithaa sonam with youth beauty sensuality class elite elegance trendy classy permanently.get me all the technological device gadgets that i desire and desperately need and i own it effortlessly and i get the best.bring blessing of all the angels upons smithaa sonam permanently. Reveal to smithaa sonam guptaa, the secret powerful knowledge that really works and that of spiritual and occult powers.fill smithaa sonam guptaa with beautiful clear melodious perfectly intonated voice and may she speak all languages fluently effortlessly diction, articulation and at the right time right place with right people effortlessly.fill smithaa sonam with mental sharpness, clairvoyance, wisdom, cleverness, great negotiation skills, ability to understand and learn things easily, great effective time management, accurate manipulation of resources for maximum benefits, power,positive aura, people management skills,uppercrest life permanently. May this be true now and forever and permanently. Thank you VIOLET flame million billion zillions times.AMEN
#928 Aug. 03, 2017 10:52 PM Lisa Please pray for my dad. He has stomach cancer, and his chemo was recently changed to a higher dose. He is getting very weak. Please pray that the side effects be gone, and that he be healed.
#927 Aug. 03, 2017 01:50 AM Lisa Please pray for Kay she has breast cancer that has gone to her bones and having trouble with shot please pray her blood calcium stays ok
#926 Aug. 02, 2017 04:43 AM srilekha im suffering chronic lung disease, copd,breathlessness, pain in fingers and ear.. please pray for me
#925 Jul. 31, 2017 10:09 AM Dwi I need a lot of prayers and miracles. My parents forsake me and just thinking about themselves so that my life and future is messed up. Their cousin cheated and stole their property. Then when my life was better I usually helped my older sister financially but now she wants to take over all the properties of our parents. She stole the money that can be used for the medical and treatment of our father who was terminally ill. Even she with my younger brother instead wanted our father who was terminally ill that his life be terminated, rather than given treatment. Until finally our father passed away, my older sister never cease slandering me. I was without a job when I had to take care of our father. I am very poor after our father passed away. I need prayer in order to obtain employment and recovery from illness. I also want to have a charge to complete my studies at the university without any problems. Although I've been a long time don't attend study since does not have a charge.
#924 Jul. 31, 2017 05:28 AM srilekha im suffering from copd, chornic lung disease, breathlessness, pain in fingers and ear..please pray for me..praise the lord jesus!
#923 Jul. 30, 2017 02:27 PM Wendy I pray for total healing and improved quality of life for Paul God fried Ghana
#922 Jul. 28, 2017 07:00 AM Jordan Vira Please aggressively pray for me and my family(Jordan, Eleanor, Kyle, Kylen & Kayden) for emotional & spiritual protection from negative people especially my mother-in-law(Francine) and sister-in-law(Hillary). They are always starting up trouble and disrupting our family! They are instigators and manipulators and we do not want to be apart of the negativity and drama!!
#921 Jul. 27, 2017 08:45 PM Alicia Mason Me and my 2 kids are ready to transition into a new place. A fresh start is long over due for us. I put in for a transfer for a three bed room. I pray that God opens the doors for us and make it possible. I also pray that he sends the financial miracles he has set aside for us. To aquire new beds. For we ate leaving whats old and done behind us. We look forward to healthy happy and peaceful blessing. Please assist us with your prayer. In Jesus name Amen. Blessing to you all.

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