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# Date & Time Name Prayer
#942 Cathy My names is Cathy i want to testify about the great spell caster called Priest Ade my husband and i have been married or 5 years now we don't have a child and the doctor told us i can't give birth because my womb have been damaged due to wrong drugs prescription this got me so worried and my husband was not happy so he decided to get married to another girl and divorce me i was so sad i told my friend about it she told me about a powerful spell caster she gave me his email address well i never believe in it that much though i just decided to give him a try and he told me it will take 24hrs to get my husband back to me and i will get pregnant i doubted him the 3rd day my husband came back to me and was crying he said he didn't want the divorce anymore 3 weeks after the doctor confirmed that i was pregnant he can also help you Email him at [email protected] or [email protected]
#941 mom Please ask God and he saints and angels to please surround Sean,Katelyn,Kim and Emily now. Please open the doors to career success for Sean in a warm,safe city with good school, etc , healing in all ways needed, love, peace, protection and abundance. Please ask God to remove any obstacles keeping this family from success and prosperity, goals and health, thanks be to God to let them all hear their angels each moment! I ask in the power of Jesus name, amen.
#940 rina nongrum prayer to find spouse and job urgently require plz help me plz
#939 Smithaa sonam guptaa Dearest father lord and Violet flame, destroy the power and effect of any cursed food and drink or the ashes of the dead fed to smithaa sonam guptaa and neelamkiran guptaa and all my family members, which has caused backbone problem, nerve and nervous system issue, pain in all parts of the body, the joints, the thinning of blood, the dysfunction in all organs like liver kidney, intestines, uterus issue, lung and heart issue, the sleep disorders, the neurological malfunctionand release us effortlessly from it and heal us in all dimensions permanently. Destroy the works of evil enemies who are constantly continously doing blackmagic and reciting evil prayers to harm me and my family. Destroy every curse on smithaa sonam guptaas purchasing powers and money saving powers.Permanently destroy the power and effect of all demonic energies and spirits assigned to cause hurt harm harrasment upon smithaa sonam guptaa AND neelam kiran guptaa and all my family members and our finance, good relationships,love life, unity and all dimension of our lives. Dearest violet flame, permanently destroy the blackmagic jinx curse hex my evil neighbours on the floor, surrounding neighbourhood people are doing to hurt harm haress ne and my family because of jealously,destroy the power of these evil neighbourhood people who are spying on us permanently, destroy the work of these enemies who are jealous, permanently destroy the power and effect of their spiritual wickedness upon us and destroy the demonic attacks by these evil neighbourhood people and jealous work colleagues upon smithaa sonam AND neelamkiran's spiritual protection, prayer life, protection permanently. Destroy the power and effect of of these evil neighbourhood people and jealous work colleagues, mind control and mind reading techniques upon us permanently.please send all the demons and evil spirits summoned by the jealous neighbourhood people and jealous work colleagues upon us, back into them and destroying them and never come back to us permanently. Remove every cursed item effortlessly from my house which has been placed by these jealous people to cause fights, friction, financial crisis, ill health and blockage of blessing by them permanently and right now.destroy the power of delay and insults, hindrances and blockages placed by these jealous nwighbourhood upon us permanently. Smoothen our lives and finance and relationships. Thank you father lord and violet flame. Amen
#938 Smithaa sonam guptaa Dearest father lord and Violet flame, thank you for you kindness, my heart filled with gratitude for you and as i ask, shall i recieve without any hindrance delay or blockage please. By your mighty power, destroy the power and effect of any blackmagic jinx curse hex spiritual wickedness, evil eyes, jealous intention, wicked people,politics of all kind, blockage,demonic powers, delays, rejection,any negativity done to hurt harm harress smithaa sonam guptaa family should stop wicked with me instead Violet flame should naturally turn them respectful loving and caring towards me, permanently.stop the misbehaviour from my family permanently.powerfully permanently destroy the power of all smithaa sonam guptaa and our family's enemies who are doing blackmagic to create fights arguments,financial crisis, rejections,blockages the mighty power of violet flame, destroy the power of demonic forces upon my house, please please please reorganise my house into a beautiful haven, destress, purify my house,sanctify my house into rich luxurious uppercrest house with latest technology gadgets, upholstery,furniture, clothings and accessory.someone has placed a curse that i m not able to buy clothes or things to upskill myself,so permanently break this curse and get me amazing brand new clothes at dirt cheap pricing that i can buy effortlessly. Violet flame, shut my sisters mouth who keeps degrading me day in and day out and oozing only jealousy. Destroy the work of enemies who hve stopped my house renovation work, please send ur angels to resurrect my house speedily into a beautiful haven.i met with accident,my spine and ribs and right leg broken.. Its healing but recovery is so slow that my doctors are suprised y i am not recovering, please violet flame heal my body permanently and heal and fortify my spine permanently as if there are no broken ribs, heal ebery organ of my body renew and refresh it. This has caused me so mych financial problem, because i m main earning member but i m not able to go tp work since last few months, change my season Violet flame, i need the gushing waterfall of money in my life and i want my self respect back and i want my lioness aura back please. I know i m victim of blackmagic, there were jealous colleague and a harrasing boss, somebody has done somethingvwrong to me, destroy them all violet flame since they dnt hve any mercy at my situation and make it permanent.make smithaa sonam guptaa, very thin, curvatious, oozing woth sexuality and beauty and youth, just like a diva, standing strong, fill me physically with vitality youth strength vigour and glamour ur mighty power, stop the negativity of delay and rejection and stagnancy frim my life permanently. VIOLET flame fill me with ur wisfom, intution, sharpness, great observation, great understanding, power to look beyond, power to learn, assimilate and apply knowledge effectively. Find me favours in the eyes of all and stop the evil spirit thay makes everyone misbehave with me permanently. Heal smithaa sonam guptaa finance, let there be continuos abundance riches power luxury stability and growth powerfully and permanently. Fill my throat with miraculous speech power, correct diction, clarity of voice which is soothing mesmerizing filled with conviction and sensual voice and make me speak the right words at theright time and at the right place for maximum benefits.give smithaa sonam guptaa, the greatest gift of right sense of timing. Stop the power of advantage seeking, conspirators, evil people permanently instead i will make them dance to my tunes and get benefits out of it permanently. Bless my skin like the cream milk, so white, spotless youthful soaked in beauty and supple and soft. Fill my face with permanent youthful attraction,angel like, diva like, glamourous attractive powerful seductress. Violet flame, get me the real friends who are my true genuine helpful friends and not fake people, these friwnds are uppercrest socially financially powerful and at my disposal without any bad intention. Fill my life with roses without thorns, take away my sickness permanently, let me experience and rejoice beautiful enriching life, i dnt want to die now, give me life ur mighty power, reveal to me the secret knowledge of this universe, give me the gift to study, read important contentswhich will mightly bless me. Amen
#937 Lisa Please pray for Kay that blood counts are good Wednesday especially her calcium so she can get cancer treatment
#936 Neelam kiran guptaa By the mighty power of father lord and Violet flame, miraculously and powerfully and positively bless protect heal neelam kiran guptaa and smithaa sonam guptaa and our house and pets and all dimensions of our life, youth beauty, finance,protection permanently.dearest violet flame, make neelam kiran guptaa physically filled with vitality, youth, beauty,sensuality,power, stamina and fill her face with youth angel like attractive spotless skin and make her complexion white supple creamy like milk. Fill her with positive attitude and good attitude cheerfulness laughters happiness permanently. Fill her mind with clarity, sharpness, wisdom, sharp mental clarification.make her speech so sweet like honey, mesmering,warmth and love and remove her stammering problem and may she speak english so fluently with diction. Fill neelam kiran guptaa with abundance of money, luxury, ever lasting everyincreasing money power. Dearest violet flame destroy the power of her jealous workplace colleagues over her. Dearest violet flame, destroy the power and effect of any blackmagic jinx curse hex spiritual wickedness, sorcery, evil intention, jealous eyes or any negativity permanently. Heal her life with loads of true genuine helpful friends that she doesnt hve to spend a single penny and she goes to the best of the places and is always safe and enjoys in life. Amen
#935 Navisha We need prayer for all areas if mine my husband Gavin and my baby Danielle's lives
#934 Blake Hello my friend, My name is Blake Patrick Cromley, I am 22 years old. My birth date is 02/18/1995. My address is 915 SW 17th Street. Blue Springs, Missouri, United States of America. 64015. My zodiac sign is Aquarius. I just want a Free prayer request services without the cost of materials please. I want my results the day after August 21st. Because it's the day after the Solar Eclipse.

All I ask is to become a Crime Fighter that will lead me to become a superhero, by wielding a Green Lantern Power ring from another dimension. I want it to give me the same Superpowers of the D.C. comic book superhero known as the Green Lantern. My ring size is men's 16.

What the Green Lantern power ring is a piece of jewelry that grants the wearer incredible and incomprehensible powers and abilities by harnessing willpower.

What willpower is in fact a mental ability rather than an emotion, and is defined as "the control of one's impulses and actions". It is also a light born of The White Light of creation, but in fact is not an emotion, and is represented by the color green.

In the D.C. comics the Green Lantern Power rings are considered by some to be the most powerful weapons in the known universe. Depending on the skill and willpower of the wearer, it can do almost anything but it doesn't give the memo of what a Green Lantern is or what their duties are. It follows what the user does.

How I want it is I want it to be teleported into my bedroom onto my middle finger on my right hand. Then whenever I put on or take off the ring on any of my five fingers of my right hand I just say the oath to activate its powers, which is, "In Brightest day, in Darkest night, let no evil shall escape my sight, while those who worship evil's might...beware thy power, Green Lantern's light!"

Then every 72 hours it needs to recharge by reciting the oath to recharge the Green Oan Purified Energy Willpower.

My Green Lantern power ring on my necklace should have the abilities of: Green Light Energy Projection
Force Field
Solid, Liquid, gas and plasma hard light Energy Constructs generation
Environmental Playback
Invisibility & Light Refraction
Energy Twin
Energy Absorption
Interstellar Flight
Immense Superhuman Strength
Wormholes & Spacial Warps
Time Travel
Unlimited Cellular Regeneration
Electromagnetic Scanning
Galactic Encyclopedia
Universal Translator
Material Alteration
Ring Duplication
Emergency Beacon
Homing Beacon
Mind Alteration
Pocket Dimension
Security Protocol
Preset Conditions
Thought Relay
Mystical tracking
Advanced Regenerative healing factor Vital organ regeneration
Shape-shifting weapons construction
Large scale Control over time and reality
Energy manipulation
Advanced Control over plants
Higher sense of awareness

I'm In the Cental Time zone, in the Country of the United States of America, Chicago time.
#933 Kenneth Leverett Lane prayer is for a financial blessing to pay a $47.000 debit so i can stop stress amen.

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