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# Date & Time Name Prayer
#710 Jyothi Me & Aby were in a thick relationship for past 2years and intended to get married. When he came into my life he was seperated from wife for a year due to her financial cheating. This year he filled for divorce and she refused to give. She said she will never give divorce. He wants to give me life but she refused to give divorce and he didn't file counter petition thinking of the stress she is giving him and kids. He didn't want his kids to be mentally disturbed as it was affecting their studies too. She forced him to cut off from me and live with her though he doesn't like her as lost trust. He thought as no escape from her as she wont give divorce, he will stay stay on though it was very painful for him to be away from me and leaving me alone. We believe in a God who split the sea and made a way to rescue his people from Egyptians.. same way please pray that god will make a way for him to be released from her for good and he would contact me soon and come to me very soon.

Aby is my God's gift from above and no one can snatch him from me by force or anyway. May the angels find a way, a solution in Restoration of my relationship with Aby soon without harming anyone as we both need each other. May Aby contact me soon.


Jyothi J.
#709 marit pettersen need prayer to healing the horse Labello . Spinal , pelvic and that he may be riding horse for some years . he will feel that he can be calm when we're on tour with him so that he will be able to relax not to have to feel some stress. we live in norway :) i will send love to all the healers and prayers around the world
#708 Andrew Hello
My name is Andrew and I ask you kindly to please pray for my wife Carmela and I in the hope that we are worthy of Jesus divine mercy divine help to free us save us deliver us from this medium psychic youssef Mohamed fofana and others whom he has persecute us with witchcrafts black magics voodoo curses and spells and all that he invokes the evilieye evil forces datkness in and on the center of our foreheads and middle of our eyebrows evil forces on our right and left temples our hearts chest breastplate our right and left hands arms palms legs feet soles all that he weakens torments our energies to make us live in anger rage nervousness so that we sin for there sake we forgive and forgave him and others and we hope that we can be forgiven of our sins that allows these betrayals and betrayers since June 17 1994 up until this day and who do not cease seeking the ruin destruction of our health well being sanity peace love and matrimony thank you Andrew God bless you all
#707 Marit Please pray fore my horse labello that hi will stay strong and whitout pain in the body. Pray fore his back and pelvis
#706 Vera jackson Please pray for me. I have pain in my head and pain in my jaw. I have Severe allergies and sinus trouble. They want me to have surgery.
#704 shabnam ali pinky Please pray for my life ..I have huge problem. to run my life..have no money to left to run my daily routine and pay my bills..please help me to have a better health, and relief my body of pain during cycle. I'm 41 years old female, leaving alone in Mumbai, have no one to support my life..financiall, please help me...please pray.sonia
#703 Jeffery Rogers I got in a car accident and I can walk in I lost it all love one in all so can you pray for me to be here so I can get up can you pray for me to have Sprint so I can walk
#702 Leslie hamm Prayer for Alan Audet to repay me 20.00 .I'm broke I have 1.30 to my name .need bus tokens.heal and reconcile with my friend Jerry Williams .god get to him he needs boyfriend in my life.I'm lonley. Increase in hours at to lose 152 friends .tired of being Williams come back into my life.he's being an idiot.all prayers answered.
#701 Rupinder kaur A prayer request to heal me and restore me to normal perfect health physically , mentally and emotionally, a prayer request to heal every aspect of my health, and the end of my suffering
Many thanks
#700 Edwina Kasiman I am praying for a miracles about my financial problems. Please free me from the bankruptcy, accumulated debts, and lack of money.

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